Most Ignorant Fans in the CFL...

why not? :lol:

I would like to see why people voted , more , and what are their fav........teams are?


Well, I didn't vote, but my favourite team is the Riders. I also happen to think, as most non-Rider fans will concur with, that SOME Rider fans on these boards tend to go overboard. Therefore, at the risk of generalizing, I'd have to vote in favour of the Saskatchewan fans being the most ignorant - unfortunately I'm lumping myself and all other objective fans into that category, but I don't see another option, considering some of the bogus comments a few of my fellow Rider fans have had lately. :smiley:

i hate to group all rider fans, but in my experience they are the most ignorant, dont get me wrong...i know alot of intelligent rider fans, but out of all the teams, riders just seem to jump out of the list

I am from saskatchewan and i vote sask because we do spout off our mouths about how good of a team we have, but how many cups have we won. Mind you this year the cup belongs to us.

It's nice to see Rider fans who are honest (except the part about having a good team and being destined for the Grey Cup this year). :stuck_out_tongue:

This has to be the dumbest thread on this board in a long time - calling people ignorant to start the thread?

Sheesh! - Grow up, people!

This song is a tribute to the Eskimo fans who are the cockyiest by far, bar none. (Sung to the tune of James Taylor’s Mexico)





riders rule
esks drool

i love you guys honest!!!

........personally I think all fans are acting pretty cocky right now so early in the season........and the loudest ones in the last week seem to be the Gades fans.....figure the Calgary game will be a cakewalk for them.......oh well, who would've thought that four weeks ago, eh?..........good for the league........

........Jeremy, couple of things on your QB.........running and scrambling aren't necessarily a GOOD thing, unless it's a designed play, your QB shouldn't be doing those things, means something else has broken down and this is an outlet......and having a strong arm and being able to launch a 60-70 yarder does not equate to accuracy..........a friggin punt machine can mortar a footballl that long.........don't get me wrong here, I thought NG showed good talent in the TO game and props to him for winning O player of the week, but we haven't seen him walk on water yet.........

RedandWhite, the Ottawa fans spend the last 36 months in a collective depression. For once, they believe. For once, they’re having fun. Let them rant all they want on you. You guys should even give them the victory so they could strech their happiness over two full weeks.

They remind me of Barry Horrowitz, that wrestler who lost 500 consecutive matchs over 15 years before winning three in a row. Stil today, he’s stucked at three wins, but was he happy when he clinched them!

......Don't get me wrong, I think it's great 3/10, just what the league needed to happen in Ottawa, hopefully the sentiments expressed here by a handful of Ottawa fans are reflective of the entire Renegade Nation........

Well done ! :wink:

I didn't want to vote Sask as I was born and raised a Rider fan, but we do have a fair amount of ignorant people that cheer for us. I do see to remember a lot of Bomber fans in the past, mostly on tsn's website acting pretty much the same tho. Are there any bomber fans on here, or have they kinda given it up for now?

I agree. We need to remember that the person who posted it is not yet even of voting age. By choosing to show immaturity and a lack of class he is a poor representation for Saskatchewan fans. In my opinion this thread, combined with the post at the beginning, skirts the line between being controversial and insulting. I have chosen not to vote and would urge others to do the same.

To Jeremy, since you obviously have a desire to attack Eskimo fans, I’m sure there are a few posters on here that will engage you in this. Myself, I am getting tired of it and could really care less what you think about us. As I stated some time ago, if you can convince me of your opinion using facts and logical thought I’m happy to concede, otherwise you are just wasting our time.

I’m glad that you support your team because you are from Saskatchewan and have grown up (sort of) watching the Riders. I haven’t seen anyone on here criticize you or Rider fans for cheering for your hometown team. Why is it that you feel this is an exclusive right of people from Saskatchewan? Why would you feel the need to criticize other fans for supporting and cheering for their hometown teams? I and many others have grown up with the Eskimos. We feel the same way about our team as you do about yours

Fans of the Eskimos have been fortunate to support and cheer for a team that has had a lot of success. Why should we not be proud of this fact? Why should we have to apologize or feel badly for other teams because of this? You think the fans of the other 8 franchises will feel badly for us when we stumble?

Remember last years western semi final? The Esks had an off year and came up short. How many Sask fans looked at that game and said to themselves, “too bad for the Esks, guess it wasn’t in the cards this year?”. How many were cheering and crowing about how the Esks suck and they got what they deserved? I can tell you for a fact that I and the people I was with and lots that I talked to about felt for the Riders when they lost the western final on the last play of the game because of a botched field goal.

As far as Greene is concerned, have him. Build your team around him. May he win all the made for tv quarterback contests that he can. Wasn’t Spergeon Wynn the eventual winner of that challenge? How come he can’t even start ahead of Glenn or Martin? I’m not gonna bother at this moment to look up how long Greene has been in the league, I know for a fact that he’s on his third team. I know for a fact that in that time he has not achieved what Ricky Ray has in two years.

Your definition of a good QB is lacking a couple things such as leadership and intelligence, you know the ability to understand and read defences. There’s no denying that Greene is a good athlete.Fact is he is a better athlete than Ricky Ray, but that doesn’t make him a better QB. He needs to be able to do more than just run down the field. Don’t you think that he should be able to make the players around him better? After two seasons the NFL came calling for Ray. How much interest have they shown in Nealon Greene? Ya I know Ray is back here, that’s not my point in saying that. The point is, how much interest has Greene attracted from other football orginisations? You seriously think that Greene would ever attract as much attention as Ray if and when he becomes a free agent?

Perhaps Greene has turned the corner this year and will show us on a consistent basis that he truly is one of the top QB’s in the league. I just don’t think you can make that statement based on 3 games. That’s my opinion and I don’t think it makes me cocky or ignorant.


Supertoe, you have phrased exactly what I was thinking, only with far more eloquence. I would have simply told him to clam up. Thank you.

Yeah I Guess I Walked Right Into That One, But In Truth This Is A Pretty Ignorant Tread. The Last Few Years Montreal Has Really Writen Off The Rest Of The East Division Assuming That Thier Only Contention For The Cup Comes In The Final Game Against A Western Team. Nobody From This Site Is That Ignorant But A Lot Of The Als Fans That I Run Into Atomatically Dismiss The Argos And Ti-Cats Giving Them No Respect. I’ve Got Nothing Agaisnt Montreal, I Think It’s The Most Lovely Cities In Canada And If I Could Move There I Would, However I Find That A Lot Of Cocky Fans Do Oridginate From That Part Of The Country.

I’d Build A Team Around A Scrambler, If You Would Rather Have A Run ‘n’ Gun Offence Which Is Something We Don’t Get To See In The League Anymore. A Lot Of People Were Saying That Printers Should Start Over Dickenson And That’s A Prime Example Of Choosing A Scrambler Over A Pocket-Passer. It All Depends On The Speed vs. Strength Of Your Offensive Line And Backs And What Would Work Better For Your Team, Which Sometimes Is The Run ‘n’ Gun Offence.

Well said supertoe. I am a Rider fan, and I always hate it when people stereotype all fans of a certain team based on the actions of a few. This tends to happen to Rider fans a lot because of guys like Jeremy. I think every team's fans has some bad apples, so it is not fair to ask "Which team has the most ignorant fans".

P.S. on the Nealon debate - since Jeremy cannot use any relevant facts to support his argument, I will help him out with some. Nealon has always been criticized for having "happy feet" which has been caused by his inability to read defences. I believe that with his year off last year, he had plenty of time to study the game and improve on that aspect. This does not mean I think he is better than Ray (few QB's are), I just think that Nealon will be an improved QB this year becuase he still has the athleticism, and has improved his knowledge of the game.

Bamboo maybe you consider it cocky, but all we really do is state the facts, and the facts are the Als are 112-52-1 in the last 10 years and have dominated the East and the CFL for the most part. I actually think we are humble some times. Of course we don’t have many Grey Cups to back it up as you guys are fond of reminding us. always, supertoe has levelled us with a blast of common sense and vulcan-like emotion check...............but toe, if we we're all to abide with victorian based politeness wouldn't this whole object of these forums be reduced to vanilla?........

.......I for one like the odd-time argument about stupid things and name-calling......I think most other posters do to because I've seen pretty much everyone at some point in time roll up their linguistic sleeves and jump on the's spicy that way.........

.......if everything were pleasant, we'd just negotiate games, there would be no reason to physically butt heads....I'm sure a good Uni student could produce a volumous dissertation on the affect our beloved game has on our own pschye and how we use that agressive nature in our writings here.....

........I'm running on, but we are playing a version of war here's way less than the versions being played in Iraq, more than the version we played with sticks, but let's not kid our higher brain functions that it's the reptilian part that is being satisfied more oft than not..........

It's Tricky To Even Come Up Any Team That Is Ignorant, In Canada Most People Have Traveled Or Lived In A Number Of Canadian Cities So Most People That Have Comments About Different Cities Are Usually Justified In What They Say Based On Their Own Personal Exprieriences. Even With That It's Never Anything Bad, It's Just General Hostle Comments Towards The Government Or Cities Weather Or Street Layout. Items That Really Don't Refect On The People Or City Itself.