Most Ignorant Fans in the CFL...

My vote goes to Edmonton


My vote goes to Edmonton because they feel that because Ricky Ray has once again joined his club that they are automatically the recipients of the Grey Cup this year. I was very happy when I saw Montreal beat them just to maybe shut them up for a little while. The thing is if I was building a team I would pick Nealon Greene over Ricky Ray any day of the week. Why? You may ask. Nealon Greene can scramble, run, AND throw very accuratley as well he can go deep when needed (has the strongest arm in the CFL as proven in the Damon Allen QB Challenge). That’s my take on it.

That would be me! I'm pretty ignorant when I don't know what I'm talking abou, which I do sometimes, but when I know what I'm talking about, LOOK OUT!!!

Example, see the Olympics topic.

There are those who believe that Rider fans are the most ignorant because they refuse to believe that their team in not the best at every aspect of the game.

first of all, the DA QB challenge didnt have ALL the QBs in the CFL participating…Nealon has shown bad decision making along with bad accuracy in the past, and i didnt say we were gonna win the cup with RR, but we are a better team with him…i also recall hearing rider fans last year saying they were gonna win the Grey Cup when Dominguez came back

Must remove myself from this poll, because I have never been to game yet.

Montreal must also be removed from this poll since they are not there.

Lions fans - fair weather, Canucks come first
Riders fans - most annoying but gotta love their passion
Eskies fans - most rowdy for no reason
Argo fans - waiting for the NFL to come
Als fans - apparently the most intelligent. LOL.
Ticat fans - passionate
Gades fans - waiting for a winner
Stamps fans - loyal
Bombers fans - ????

Bombers fan are waiting for a miracle and the Winnipeg Jets to come back.

How Come There Is Only 8 Opions For Polls When Theres 9 Teams In The League And Most Of The Polls Start Out: “Which Team…?”

Personally My Vote Would’ve Gone To Montreal, Just Cause They Seem To Be In Their Owe Little Quebecios World.

After reading Jeremy's comment that he'd pick Nealon Greene to build a team around over Ricky Ray, evidence suggests Rider fans are the most ignorant.

Also, ignorance is bliss, and Rider fans seem to be a pretty jolly bunch for fans that cheer for a team that gets their asses kicked decade after decade.

You ever been to Quebec?
Talk about being ignorant

why doesnt a mod just add montreal to the poll....

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Uh, Jeremy? I'm not really sure what you're reading, but I don't recall reading ANYWHERE that any Eskimo fans feel they automatically deserve the cup just because they've got Ray. How about giving a good QB his due, though. He's played pretty deadly so far, in my estimation.

Oh Common ro1313, Don't Delete it yet! This thread was just starting to heat up. I'm waiting for R&W to wade into the debate with Jeremy.

Let the fireworks begin!

Wow was that hard to predict that we'd be number 1 in this poll. Edmonton fans are cocky because they've been to 32 (33?) straight playoffs.

As far as ignorance is concerned each team has their ignorant fans. I hate polls and topics that group all fans together like each fan is the same if they cheer for the same team. Such as all Rider fans are morons because they dumped manure on McCallum's driveway when in reality only two Rider fans were morons.

Also polls calling out other teams fans just create justified backlash. Sort of the one finger pointing, four pointing back line.