Most hated team

Hey all whats your most hated Footbal team?
I dont need a reason but if you wanna provide one, by all means entertain us.

CFL: I HATE the Argos with an unrelenting passion.

NFL: Indy! God i hate Payton Manning almost as much as i hate the Argos

CFL- Blue Team because they're from Toronto
NFL The Bills because they're from Buffalo.

Least liked team - argos (hate is a strong word) :wink:

what borehamgirl said

i’ll give you a clue…they s*#k
any guesses?

CFL- Argos of course
NFL- don't care much for any of them
NHL- Maple Leafs
MLB- Yankees

CFL - Blotmen
NFL - Miami Dolphins

Living in the land of the Evil Empire of the CFL for the last 9 years it's the Eskimos for me. All I can say is WE GOT MAAS and this year it's going to be different!Can't wait for Sept 22nd when the Cats hit Commonwealth. :cowboy:

CFL: Blue team (who else?)
NFL: Chiefs (Raiders fan)

Oski Wee Wee,

I only "hate" two football teams and they both happen to be in the CFL.

The obvious one first. The blue team. Not because they are from Toronto, I happen to really like Toronto, but because they are the blue team.

The second is the Riders. Just because.

CFL = Argos
NFL = Patriots
MLB = Orioles/Yankees
NHL = Montreal/Ottawa
NBA = all. (i hate the NBA)

thats all i can think of right now....

Has to be the Leafs !!!!! cant stand the radio and tv play by play .

Argos just because .......

CFL - Argos / Als
NFL - Raiders


NHL - Flyers / Sens
MLB - don't care enough
NBA - Spurs

CFL - Argos, was there ever any doubt
NFL - Dallas, Jerry Jones is a knob
NHL - Any team that beats the Leafs
NBA - Any team with a bunch of really tall guys
MLB - It always fun to laugh at the Jays

Good point. Many dark pages of history were caused out of hate.

I love beating the Argos. Who would we have to get pick on if they weren't around? I'm still predicting the TiCats will lift the Grey Cup in Skydome next year.

Lord Stanley? Wrong league

Lord Earl Grey's mug would be a better choice

Ha! Good catch. I'm trying to get off caffeine; there are obviously some side-effects.

Argos! ( can't stand their cheer ) or fans...not to mention to the city!

In all seriousness, I hate the Bombers more than anything. Why would a Board of Director member of the Forbidden Website not pick our enemies down the QEW? Let me count the ways:

  1. Fans. There are a lot of decent Argo fans out there who love the CFL and respect the rivalry we have. For example, the Argoholics, Argo Mike, Argo Barry and his group. I haven't met many Bomber fans that aren't ignorant, arrogant jerks.
  2. Players. O'Shea, Baker and the Popcorn Man aside, the Argos do have some players and coaches who are down right decent guys - Pinball, Masotti, Mookie Mitchell, Clifford Ivory, John Avery. Winnipeg had their TD dance squad. I can remember them getting beat 28-0, scoring a touchdown and dancing like they were on Solid Gold. Arrogance across the board on that team and it all started with Cal Murphy.
  3. City. Although Toronto is the Big Smoke and has a certain smell to it, it's a great, big, city. Winnipeg on the other hand is a fetid place in the summer and a wind blown ice box in the winter. I have been to the last 15 Grey Cups and I am actually NOT looking forward to going to this one.

So there you have it. But the Argos still -FORBIDDEN CHANT-

CFL: I dislike the Argo's.
NFL: I dislike the Cowboys and I can't stand the Bills.
MLB: I dislike the Yankees.