Most hated team by province?

I came across this article this morning that talks about the most hated NFL teams by state.

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And it got me to thinking. If a similar survey was done for CFL teams - what team would be the most hated in each province?

Anybody want to hazard a guess for all provinces?

I think it depends who are the heated rivals at a particular point in time... Sask and BC had a great rivalry in recent years... Sask has always had the rivalry with the Eskimos, and the rivalry extends beyond football... that is why it lasts... and then you have the battle of Alberta Stamps/Eskimos and Flames/Oilers, even Hitmen/Oil Kings... so its a case of north/south rivalry inside one province... same can be said for Argos/Tiger-Cats... now that the Bombers are back in the West a Sask/Wpg rivalry can build up once again.

I would think that Sask ranks highly on the hate-o-meter in all provinces except Sask and maybe Maritimes. Certainly #1 in BC, Alberta and Manitoba.

The Argos/Ti-Cats rivalry is such an odd beast in this day and age.

I mean, make no mistake, the Argos hurt a Ti-Cat are get a BS play called in their favour, the Argos Suck chants start up.

However, actually ripping on Argo fans rarely has the same hate as it used to, and it's always cautionary until it's establish that the guy is a true fan, and which point it's more of a ribbing relationship.

The Rancor is more for Toronto as a whole, who either simply don't support the team or are fair weather fans, not decked out in gear who likely got free tickets from their work and act like snide jerks.

...I think it would be difficult too to transport this NFL type of geographic rivalry to the CFL for the one reason that in the CFL every team plays every team every season, multiple times, whereas in the NFL it is more divisional rivalries...

well I can tell you that Edm certainly "hates" Calgary

I grew up in Hamilton and everybody - even casual Ti-Cats fans HATED the Argos. Then I moved to Toronto for 25 years and sure a small hard core section of Argos fans seemed to hate the Ti-Cats - but most of the rest of the more casual Argos supporters I just did not get that sense of there being a strong feeling at all towards the Ti-Cats. It certainly did not match the level of rival 'hate' coming from Ti-Cats fans.

However now that I have moved back to Hamilton - the current situation with the Argos actually has a lot of Hamilton fans almost feeling sorry for the Argos - so there doesn't seem to be as much a 'hate' on for them right now. It is more a - I hope the Argos actually get their act together - so we can hate them again down the road.

Yea, north of Red Deer Alberta hates Calgary, and south of Red Deer Alberta hates Edmonton, but Alberta hates the Riders all over. :wink:

It's a bit of a cyclical thing. When I was growing up, it was Winnipeg and Edmonton that were the Riders bitter rivals. Winnipeg for the proximity (they were also in the West) and Edmonton because they were the dominant team in the West.

I think currently it has to be Calgary and BC, just because of all the playoff matchups and they've all had good teams. Winnipeg will creep back up the list now that they're back in the West (being a good team will add to that also).


The only thing that Esks and Stamps fans can agree on is that the GREENWHITES suck. Kind of weird considering that back in the 80's and 90's the only thing that Esks and Stamps fans could agree on is that the Green Riders were their 2nd favourite team.

Always easier to "hate" a team when they have some success.

Take most people in Saskatchewan...there was a lot more compassion for the Bombers the past few years...and even now you hear a lot of people saying stuff like; Glad they are off to a promising season....the fans deserve it. I think a lot of Argos / Cats fans are similar as well. The 'hate" thing just hypes things up....the reason the LD game and Banjo bowl got so was basically the 2 teams Grey Cup for a lot of years...because it was unlikely either were going to be representing.

I don't think that most actually "hate" the given clubs...though I do believe there are extremists who legitimately do hate the clubs and in some cases the people that cheer for them...IMO those people have a serious imbalance and are missing a true connection to something else in their life.

In PEI, they can't stand people from Manitoba. True story. :cowboy:

Hate might be too strong a word - so let's use strongly dislike. Because of how many Ti-Cats fans would name the Argos as the team they most dislike - likely some Ottawa fans too if they had to name a team - it is conceivable the Argos would be the most disliked team in Ontario. (In a similar MLB survey in the USA - the Dodgers were the most hated team in California even though they are located in that state - undoubtedly because so many Giants, Padres and A's fans would name them.)

And bizarrely there is a poll done by Canadian province of most disliked MLB team and not surprisingly the Yankees and Red Sox dominate that, but for some reason the Padres and White Sox are for NWT and Iqaluit. No idea why that would be the case.
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