Most hated enemy?

Which team do you hate the most? As in, who do you feel should be, or is, the Stamps' biggest rival? Who do you want to beat more than any other team? I've added a poll, but put your ranking down also ... I've only included the Western teams (plus Winnipeg), since they're the closest to our "traditional" rivals. I'm sure that some of you hate Toronto or Montreal more than anybody, but they don't count here.

From most to least hated:

  1. Edmonton
  2. Saskatchewan
  3. Winnipeg
  4. BC

For me, 1 and 2 are a bit of a tossup. When Edmonton played Saskatchewan in the regular season last year, I couldn't help but feel I was cheering for Edmonton. And, I would be much more ashamed of losing to Saskatchewan than Edmonton. But the end of last year - including the end of the regular season - reminded me just how much I hate the Eskimos ... so did the Labour Day Classic. And going to the rematch in Edmonton reminded me how sweet it is to beat them :smiley:

I would have thought that you were supposed to hate them all equally....

....personally I don't like the word 'hate' makes sense in its purest form, but I don't necessarily hate the three other teams in the Western Division.....more of a respectful animosity towards them.....if I can run with that feeling then it would be Edmonton for sure first, nothing will please me more than going 4-0 against them this regular season, probably not going to happen but one can dream eh?.......then I guess Saskatchewan, mainly out of jealousy that they can boast filling a third of my stadium with their colours whenever they visit, small of me but true.....then BC who for the most part I would be pretty benign about except for the Wallyfactor.....of the Eastern Teams I guess Winnipeg first, simply because of western division memories, then Toronto because they kinda owned our butts last year, then Montreal and Hamilton the same, which is very little animosity at all.....

dont worry red i hate you guys the most to

I'm surprised that Saskatchewan hasn't got a vote yet.

I'm not. Saskatchewan's rivalry tends to be with Winnipeg and Edmonton - not Calgary.

Unless you count all the Burris-haters.....but I don't.....

the TSN commentators were going on about the Cgy/Ssk rivalry when they play each other last season.

It's not a Calgary/Saskatchewan rivalry,'s a Burris/Saskatchewan least for some. :lol:

Changed name but posts the same!

A poster by any other name is just as...

Ooh…so many options…

I'll finish it for ya, ro:

"a poster by any other name is just as inane as the notion of the Action Point." :lol:

Might as well of used the nickname Action Point that would of fooled you guys! :lol:

what do you think AP means?, and I could have swear that I heard the TSN guys say it.

everyone knows.
no one cares.

…KK if you dare to bring up the AP in MY forum room I swear I will have MRX filter your IP address and we will never hear from you again unless we happen to be surfing the Huggies site…HAVE I MADE MYSELF CLEAR?!..

were clear, RW, but I didn't bring it up, look above.

He didn't say you brought it up.....he just told you not to in the future.....semantics.....

.....semantics yes, but mongo did mention it first....bad mongo, AP discussion in this forum room.....Es ist Verboten....

What is the "Action Point"????