Most hated argo

This is hilarious. .you CAN post who you HATE but you CAN’T post who you think should be replaced on your favourite team… :? :? :roll:

...and you CAN post who you HATE but you CAN'T claim that they $uck.

Maybe this is the bizarro world Ticats.

Well I agree on one memory is getting faulty. :slight_smile:
I think O'Shea is no different then anybody else...they would go where ever they can make the most money. With the pay in the CFL being what it is, a chance to obtain some extra playoff and Grey Cup money comes ahead of any so called loyalty. Teams don't show any when a player starts to lose a step if they can find somebody younger and cheaper.

Aug 12th we beat the Argos!!!

I don't blame OHay for taking the money in TO ,it's not like he did well in Ti-Cat land,big deal.

i would have to go with!

Robert Baker
Andre Talbot
Micheal Fletcher


So, you guys hate all of these players and despise them because they were blue to work every week in the summer months? And O'Shea is the runaway leader of this question because 10 years ago he chose Toronto over Hamilton? You guys are cold.

I don't hate anyone on the fact, there are some players I actually like. Corey Holmes is a godsend, Josh Ranek is uinder-rated, Jason Maas will improve, Terry Vaughn is awesome, and ha;f of your defense is rock solid.

Keith Pelley.

I don't hate him, I just can't stand him because he is an annoying little man and reminds me of the ball boy on the high school football team. Lose the glasses Napoleon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Us Argo fans are all lovers. :smiley:

OSHEA...Bar None the Trader...

It also has to do with Toronto being the center of the universe and commentators going O'Shea this Williams that which makes you hate the team even more, same with Sidney Crosby and the Maple Leafs.IMO

They're also very talented players. Williams is a Pro Bowl MVP, Heisman Trophy winning, 2000+ yard rusher, while O'Shea has been one of the best linebackers in the CFL in the past 15 years.

And Williams is being stuffed. Troy Davis had TWO 2000 yards rushing at Iowa State and he hardly got the hype of Ricky Williams.