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Hey all i know this belongs in off topic but i dont know how to post there. if someone could help it would be great. but lets get down to brass tax here. Every true ticat fan hates the argos with more passion than anyone else. But who si the most hated? I knwo most of you wanna say "mike os'hea' by far, but lets keep him aside. Hes the most hated. I wanna know who is everyone's second most hated. we dont need an explanation, just a name would be good, although dont let me stop you explaining yourself. I hate Robert Baker. And if you do say Mike o'shea, than you will heartily deserve a smack in the face for not reading.

Slap me if you want, but its Mike O'Shea by a long shot. Not even a close second.

Mike, Mike, Mike
traitor (left us), cheater (personal fouls), and Argo.
Need I say more.

Ricky "the smoke" Wlliams Go back to the NFL GO !!!Just proof that a million dollar man can't get the yards in the CFL!

Hate em all. :thdn:

Even their arrogant media are hard to stomach.
Lets see what they have to say when they end up in the basement this year. :lol:

It’s funny how hard it is to get past O’Shea when you think of Argos you hate. I don’t hate him specifically for being a traitor. I hate him because, as a free agent in mid-season 1996, he chose to go to the team he thought had the best chance to win the Grey Cup. In a league like the CFL where no team’s survival is assured, what would happen if everyone thought like O’Shea? The weaker teams would never have a chance. And you know what O’Shea? They would have won the Cup with or without you. Someone like Barrin Simpson has real guts, joining a crappy team and trying to be a part of building a winner.

Anyway, to answer the question:

  • it’s fun to hate Levingston
  • I’ve always liked mocking Avery, even before he was replaced by a better, prettier model
  • Arland Bruce is annoying
  • Prefontaine bugs me for some reason. I think it’s because he’s really good and keeps re-signing with Argos.
  • Any player who feels compelled to use the word “family” when talking about the Argos
:lol: Touche!

Do you think they call Pinball "daddy"?

God bless little children in Hamilton when they're still to young to hate. Tom T. Hall :roll: :twisted:

"Lets go to Lucenbach Texas"

"Waylon,Willie and the boys (not stolen by the double blues yet)...Waylon Jennings

I dislike Fletcher#2 most...he's an animal !

Football = WAR!

Its a love/hate relationship with the Argos.

No player comes to mind to hate.

Without the Argos we wouldn't have the greatest rivalry in sports today.

as for ricky williams as one person posted.
ricky is not a bust in the CFL its just a different game. If the argos taught him to catch a little toss / pass play he would excel. but in a 3 down game I never figured he was going to tear up the league.
And it was great that he did come to Canada. It shows North America that our game is abit tougher than some people think.

If he came into the CFL and tore up the field and ran for 100-150 yards a game people would laugh at us. Just an opinion.

problem is, he's just too damn personable...

i loudly informed him that he suc ked one night at IWS (during warmups) the guy came over and gave me a high five... WTF??? lol

Kerwin Bell! hahahahha

I don't remember O'Shea leaving in "mid season" as a free agent....maybe in the off season, but why not you only go around once and pro sports is a business.
I would think Ralph Sazio and John Barrow should be added to the most hated Argos list, as they left their beloved Ticats to sign with the Argos as well. :slight_smile:

I hate their office staff, training staff, brodcasters, ownership group, players, coaches (including Pinball) and Mike Hogan.

I hate their office staff, training staff, brodcasters, ownership group, players, coaches (including Pinball) and Mike Hogan.

hate is a strong word

ok, lets use despise

Sorry for your faulty memory. O'Shea was a free agent in 96. He tried the NFL but got cut. Could have gone to any team. Being the tough competitor he is, he chose to hide under Flutie's skirt by joining the Grey Cup favourite when the season was already half over.

Pinball Clemons That's who I "dispise" How does it feel now to lose you bum feels like crap doesn't it.


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