Most exciting season?

Its 4 months til kick off but I cant help but think this could be the most interesting season ever in the CFL
-Rebirth of Ottawa
-4 new coaches. Three rookie head coaches. Outside of Huff in Calgary the most tenured coaches have two consecutive seasons.
-new blood at QB everywhere. Fascinating to see how Collaros fares in Hamilton, Willy in Sask Smith does in Montreal.
-happy to see McPherson back as well
-Burris in Ottawa
-new stadia-probably see a delay in Hammy but Ottawa should be ready

For the first time in a long time its hard to visualize how some teams will play. New personnel, new unknown coaches and philosophy. Like what style does Winnipeg , Edmonton, Ottawa etc take on?? I have no idea

Should be great.

I know I'm excited about this season, especially seeing what the young QB's can do now that most of them will be starters on their respective teams. Marsh or Smith in Montreal, Collaros in Hamilton, Willy in Winnipeg (still holding out hope that the Bombers can either bring in Nichols or Marsh :frowning: ), Reilly with a full year as a starter under his belt. Seeing the new stadiums will be great too, already have plans in place to check out games at TD Place and Tim Hortons Field. New 3rd jerseys should be coming out as well this season, Cohon brought up how they'll be BC Lions all black edgy type of thing, so that's worth a bit of excitement I suppose. Also if Mayor Savage is correct, we could find out the fate of a 10th CFL team this season as well. God how I love this League.