Most Exciting players!

For me, they are:

QB: Kerry Joseph (SSK)
RB: Charles Roberts (WIN)
WR: Ben Cahoon (MTL) and Jason Armstead (SSK)

PR: Tony Tompkins (EDM)
KR: Arland Bruce III (TOR)

Missed FG Return: Ezra Landry (MTL)

What do you think? Add some positions if you'd like!

Henry "Gizmo" Williams

i dont think ben cahoon has ever been exciting, hes very reliable but his game isnt exciting…nor his personality

I love his acrobatic catches! No one can compare to them. Not too many people can do what he did in Grey Cup 03'. Those things make him exciting to me. But that's my opinion.

QB: Kerry Joseph- scrambled for 1000 yards last season; Casey Printers- his scrambling and passing talent was phenomenal(before he left CFL), Ted White, Tee Martin- so bad that they're just funny to watch; Jason Maas- very fiery QB on the bench and managed to drop a few f-bombs on live tv during the interview on cbc after the west final last year

WR/SB: Jason Tucker, Milt Stegall Ben Cahoon, Nik Lewis, Jermaine Copeland- amazing "circus" catches and one-man performances, Lewis and Copeland's TD celebrations are pretty pathetic IMO, but its funny to laugh at them, and they also talk a LOT of s*** before big games

DL: Joe Montford- always flexing his biceps after a sack, or forced fumble

HB: Donny Brady- known for a tremendous amount of pass interference calls

KR/PR: Arland Bruce, Tony Tompkins, Ezra Landy- small, quick, and agile on returns

K- Paul McCallum- always waiting to see if he'll miss another 18 yarder

You know who I'd add? Wes Lysack. Not the highest profile player, but he hits like John Lynch. I'm often surprised guys get back up. I gotta say I worry when he hits Alouettes receivers.

He's not vicious. He's just... not minding getting hurt himself. He really punishes opponents.

Now that I think of it, he'd be in the race if I had to make myself a Stamps jersey. Him or Grace or White.

Like the old Rob Hitchcock!

Nik Lewis, Scott Coe and Barrenchea

Milt, he's got a great personality

Kerry Jo

just to name a few.