most exciting game this year

the ARGOS come back to beat CALGARY...with a missed FG to win the game and an ARGO run back , for a TD.

There was a really good game between the Tiger-Cats and Blue Bombers, too.

Sure it didn't mean much because both teams were low in the standings, but it was darn fun to watch.

My fave so far was last weeks Riders vs Montreal. The riders lost, but dam was it one hell of an exiting football game.

MY favorite was the thrashing of the Riders at Mcmahon Stadium. Those burris sucks shirts helped a lot.

I'm with you BS. That was a great game! Still, my fave is the first home game of the season for my Gades when they beat the Als. Ah, the memories! Everything was possible then! This was all before the six game losing streak, Mardi Gras madness, toga parties, no tail gaiting, rain for every home game, 6 game losing streak, QB controversy, Jumbotron-Gate in TO, 6 game losing streak (oh did I say that already).

Go Gades Go!
North Side Sucks!


For me it's the Edmonton-Mtl game at Montreal. After the first quater, I was on the edge of my seat for the rest of the game. Remember the controversy with the last play where Ezra Landry stop running at the 40Y line with only a fraction of sec left ?

Als Fan

tell me about it!

Ottawa Rens curse is it's unifroms and the histroy it doesn't have. enough said.

What about last week, Allouettes @ Riderville. There was some 6 lead changes. 38-34 Montreal was my only downside being a Rider fan.

I think I just watched the game of the year. Fantastic game by both the Lions and the Allouttes. What an amazing end to a game.

I nearly turned off the tube when BC scored the single

That was a very good game. What happened to the defenses in this game? Very entertaining game though!

THE ARGOS......... 35........WIN.........32........ARGOS , win on the last play of the game..........and how about next week?????????

ARGOS at MONTREAL.......with 50,000+ at the BIG O!!!!!!!!! 1st place in the EAST is up for GRABS!!!!!!!!!!!

ON THE.............CBC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait, I love the BIG O!

I've changed my mind on most exciting game this year. I'd have to say the montreal vs. bc game today. After whoever it was conceded that single i got so pissed off cause i thought it was basically over. But the als proved me wrong, they marched right down the field and got a TD. This was definitely the most exciting week for games with bc/mon, edm/sask, and the tor/win game. All games came down to being decided by the final play of the game. i love it!

They proved me wrong as well.........the ARGO/WINNIPEG game down to the wire , as well.

NEXT WEEK......may tell the tale?