Most Exciting Alouette Ever?

I agree with section w that Sonny Wade was one of our greatest QB’s. He led the Als to 3 Grey Cups. Etcheverry lost three as a QB but won 1 as a coach. Wade won 1 Grey Cup under Etcheverry and, 2 under Marv Levy. It was a cold windy Grey Cup day in Calgary when Wade came in from the bench and his passing got the Als close to a win. However, a field goal try was missed in the final minutes of the game robbing the ALS of a win. This would have given Wade the most wins of all Als QB’s. Still, if we look at Grey Cups, Wade was the greasest ALS qb.

And if not for Don Sweet sliping he would have won another.


Sweet didn't slip.
Jones mishandled the snap

Damn true, or bad snap :slight_smile:

Some great names, many of which I've never had the priveledge of seeing, but for this fan, the most exciting of all time must be:
We will never see another like him

I would have to say:

  1. O.J. Brigance
  2. Mike Pringle
  3. Tracy Hamm
  4. Irvin Smith
  5. Jerald Baylis
  6. Charles Anthony
  7. Elfred Payton
8) Donald Igwebuike
  1. Matt Goodwin
  2. Karl Anthony

Basically the whole Baltimore Stallions team, the only US team to win the Grey Cup! :rockin:

Interesting list there blatimore :slight_smile:

  1. Crash Craddock. what a player!! I remember when BC won the grey cup in 1964 I think they lost only 1 game all season and that was to the ALS. I was there and the ALS were driving for the go ahead score and Crash took the hand off and broke through the line and put his head down and hit linebacker Bill Munsey and knocked him out and scored the winning TD. Ironically Bill Munsey also played tailback and was MVP of the Grey Cup game that year.
  2. Danny Houston if you remember back, he was writing bad cheques and got into trouble for that.
  3. Lucky Jim Reynolds. Remember him with all those blocked punts and field goals.
  4. Don Clark, before Archinbeau (sp) of the Rough Riders gave him that late cheap hit and injured Clark he was greater than George Dixon who was a superstar
  5. George Dixon.....remember when he took that pitchout and went 108 yards on Ottawa.
  6. Marv Luster. Remember when we beat Ottawa in a playoff game I think it was 1962. Sandy Stephens threw a pass to the end zone and the pass hit the crossbar and Luster caught it off the rebound. Back then there was no rule against it and it counted and we beat a great Ottawa team. I still remember Frank Claire going crazy on the sidelines.
  7. Ed Learn and Ted Page. Hard to separate the two DB's. Back then when there was no blocking on punt returns they used to average about 2 years a return. But very solid DB's for many years.

I was listening to the radio when Crash Craddock was interviewed post game. He kept saying over and over " great game, hell of a coach". He must have said this several times. All of the above named players were great! strange as it may seem, for me, right now, the most exiting player I have seen in Als history is Calvillo.

I mean .....looks like since last year, the guy is getting younger and younger and is having fun chasing all kinds of records. :rockin: