Most Exciting Alouette Ever?

My pick: Johnny Rodgers (hands down!) I still have his "Ordinary Superstar" record somewhere. He sure looked good in that rabbit fur coat.

How about Hal Patterson- a great receiver, gave the Als a good end around play with stats greater that the offensive backs. In his early years he also played in the defense backfield. This guy had great status in Montreal and in the league in general. He was not the flash and the bragging of Johnny Rogers but contributed more to the team and the league that the " ordinary superstar."

Patterson was a wonderful player and a class act as an individual. I wouldn't argue that he is a better person than Rogers.......but for sheer excitement, I'd give the nod to Rogers.

I am going to cop out and name 4.

  1. Hal Patterson - Started watching the CFL (Big Four actually) in 1954, and Hal was a threat every time he touched the ball, whether as receiver, DB, or returning kickoffs.
    I am still depressed over his trade to Hamilton.
  2. George Dixon - The running game in the 1960`s was a different strategy - pulling guards, tackle traps, etc. Watching George on a sweep was a thing of beauty.
  3. Johnny Rodgers - With the introduction of blocking to punt returns, Rodgers was always a threat to take one to the house, the last 10 yards backwards.
  4. Ben Cahoon - Pound for pound the toughest Alouette ever, will never break the long one, but all his catches keep you on the edge of your seat.
    By the way, also good to see someone besides me remembers Sonny Wade`s real name being Jesse.
  1. Totally agreed........and I too am still rankled by that trade!!!!

  2. Again, agreed, one of my all time favourite Als.

  3. Excitement plus.

  4. Again, no argument there.

I as well recall Jesse...............another of my favourite all time Als.

...Ted White comes to mind...... :lol: ...Seriously 'Prince Hal' would get my vote....the duo of Clarke and Dixon come to mind as well ....exciting combo.....Johnny Rodgers had his moments but Ben Cahoon eclipses him...When he retires there's gonna be one big void in the Als. camp... :wink:

Although he wasn't around for long, this guy was amazing.

David Green was a running back in the Canadian Football League.

Born September 7, 1953 in Jacksonville, North Carolina, he attended Richlands High School and Chowan Junior College (in Murfreesboro, North Carolina).

He played his university football at Edinboro University in Edinboro, Pennsylvania. Playing in the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference in 1975 and 1976, Green was named Honorable Mention All-American by the Associated Press and to the Conference all star team. In 19 games he had a career average 104 rushing yards per game at Edinboro. He was inducted into the Edinboro Hall of Fame on April 30, 1988.

Green played with the Montreal Alouettes of the CFL for 3 seasons. He played 5 games in 1978, 16 games in 1979 and 14 games in 1980. He also played in 2 Grey Cup games. His best year was 1979, when he rushed 287 times for 1,678 yards and he had nine 100 yard plus rushing games. His best day came on October 27, 1979, against the Ottawa Rough Riders, when he rushed 29 times for 212 yards. He also scored 3 touchdowns against the Toronto Argonauts on October 22, 1979. He was the CFL's Most Outstanding Player Award and an All Canadian all star that season. He was an All East division all star in 1980.

His best Grey Cup game was the 67th Grey Cup against the Edmonton Eskimos, when he rushed for 142 yards (the third highest single game total) in a close loss. He won the Grey Cup Most Valuable Player award for this performance.

In 1982 Green played one game for the Cleveland Browns of the NFL, during the strike shortened season, returning a kickoff for 13 yards.

I can barely remember the team from 70' I won't comment on Hal Patterson, George Dixon & Johnny Rodgers thats I haven't seen play....

From the new Era...Cahoon & Pringle are my picks !

If the question were "best" or "greatest" Alouette ever, my answer might be different, but for sheer 'excitement' I don't believe anyone can touch Rogers..........Cahoon and Patterson are/were great, certainly, and would merit more consideration for 'best' Alouette ever than would Rogers, but for sheer excitement I have to go with Rogers.

Here's some other, more or less obscure about Dennis Duncan, Moses Denson, Steve Ferrughelli, J.W. Lockett, Tom Cassesse, and Brian DeRoo................and one of my all time favourites, a running back out of Oklahoma who came up to the CFL amidst great fanfare in 1969.....and in his first game ever, I think carried two times for four yards (or something like that), then on his third carry blew his knew out, never returned, never to be heard from again..................Danny Houston.

Well MadJack your post with names like Danny Houston triggers memories of other Als from the past who had their 15 minutes of fame.
Roger Murphy was heralded as the next Patterson, I actually remember him making a spectacular catch or two before blowing out his knee.
There was the infamous battery of George Bork and Hugh Rohrschneider who were going to make fans forget Sam and Hal.
In the early 70s J.I Albrecht brought infamous Olympian John Carlos in to return kickoffs. Cant remember if he ever touched the ball.'s great remembering those guys!!

Yes Carlos did touch the ball............played a bit at wide receiver, did make a few catches but nothing particularly was back when they were wearing those horrid green uniforms, I was at a game at Ivor Wynne in Hamilton once in those years and do recall him catching a pass from Wade................maybe got 10 yards or so. Lots of hype, precious little to back it up, sadly. His compadre, Tommy Smith, got a chance with the Ticats a year or so later, with similar lack of production.

Great posts, guys! You’ve reminded me of Freddy “The Hammer” Williamson and Billy “White Shoes” Johnson. We should start a “flash in the pan” thread!

Ah yes, George did we go through obscure QBs in the 1960s..................Bork, Bubba Marriott, Warren Raab, Jim McKean, Don Allard, Vernon Cole, Gerry Doucette, Jerry Fields, Don Fuell................and no doubt a bunch of others that I don't immediately recall (I deliberately omitted Bernie Faloney and Sandy Stephens.........wouldn't call either of them 'obscure').

I was only around for this team since they came back in the 90's, but a couple of names that come to mind.

1- Ben Cahoon
2- Mike Pringle
3- Keith Stokes

Special shout outs to Sheldon Benoit. The guy always was so pumped up on the Kickoff, jumping around getting the crowd nuts, and than ran down the field and got nailed, always good for a laugh.

I believe the greatest player is Ben Cahoon. Every catch he mades is incredible and he gives big efforts every single play. This player also played injured many times without losing his skills.

Is it possible that you all have forgotten Dickie Harris and his scintillating punt returns?!! :slight_smile:

(Randy Rhino wasn't bad neither.)

Perhaps I'll consider Sonny Wade, who was an interesting player in Montreal's 1970 Grey Cup victory 23-10 over Calgary. on yhat year boyh clubs finished in 3rd place. Is this the flash back in the pan years of the CFL?

Sunny Wade was awfull in reg season but come playoff time he was a gamer, he is a one the Als great QB.
A personal favorite is allways Cahoon, but Patterson when you comapre eras was a cut above so many others.
Nice one for Dickie Harris.

Exciting ?

Johnny Rogers by a mile.

WE have to consider Sam Etcheverry. He came to the Als in 1953 and quickly established himself as the greatest QB of that era. He excelled for several years as the best QB in that time. He still holds a record, with Hal Patterson, for the longest pass and reception- a throw from the 1 yard line. Unfortunately the year before the trade, Coach Perry Moss, and Cahill decided that Sam’s arm was gone which was not known by Hamilton. Cahill was correct as Etcheverry flopped for St Louis and was quickly out of football. Still if one looks for an exciting player, Etchevvery has to be on that list.

Last season we all noted the many Als QB’s who flopped. One name not noted was George Ratterman who came to the Als from Chicago of the NFL in the early 50’s. He was expected to be the answer to our prayers but could not make the grade. I still think, however, that Ted White owns the crown as the worst QB of all time.