Most Excited about a Home Game Since...

This is the most excited I've been for a game since we lost to Casey Printers in the East Semi Final Cross Over!
That's a good thing!
Hope they don't disappoint.

I'd have figured the 2011 east semi might have topped that.

2011 east semi was in MTL.....the title of the thread is Excited about a home game......although the 2011 semi-final was a game for the ages,one of the BEST play-off games in CFL history!!!

Just thinking, wow I'm fired up for today's game. First time in a while.
It's a good feeling!
Mostly been indifferent to the games lately, especially in Guelph.

Wouldn't it be an even better thing if the comparable game was one that we'd won instead of lost??

Not sure if you were at that game but the atmosphere and crowd were as good as I've ever seen it at ivor Wynn. They were hostile and we lost in over time. :stuck_out_tongue:
To your comment, I didn't want to go pre bob young and back to 98 eastern final. Guess I just did.
This the first interesting regular season game in a long time!
So much for trying not to be pessimistic.

That was the best game I have ever been to and it will take something amazing to top it. I know we lost and that made the ending horrible but everything leading up to that was just amazing.

1989 Grey Cup.

End of story...

Wasn't born yet for that game so not end of story but good try...