Most ever CIS grads in CFL


After watching the Argos get royally spanked in Montreal, I took a look through the rosters of CFL teams.

I've read in a few articles that 2007 had the most CIS grads ever with 120. After sifting through the rosters, I count 128 CIS grads for 2008.

The most represented schools are:

  1. McMaster (13)
  2. Manitoba (12)
  3. Saskatchewan (11)
  4. Simon Fraser, Western (9)
  5. Laurier (7)
  6. Laval, Ottawa, Regina (6)
  7. UBC, Queen's, St. Mary's, St. Francis Xavier (5)
  8. Concordia (4)
  9. Alberta, Calgary, Guelph, McGill, Windsor, York (3)
  10. Bishop's, Montreal (2)
  11. Acadia, Sherbrooke, Waterloo (1)


P.S. The only two schools with football teams to get skunked are:

University of Toronto, and Mount Allison!!!

It would be nice if some more CIS games were on television.

Coverage is decent... could be better, but what can ya do?

The Score's the only "big" broadcaster picking up games, with the other TV spots taken by public access. Overall, maybe one third to one quarter of the games are televised.

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its too bad the ticats always draft the injury prone busts from CIS.

Good game on The Score last Saturday. Queens and Guelph.

Barker will be back. He is a great player and unless he decides to forget football and be a dentist he will be very good in this league.