Most Disappointing CFL Attendance of 2015

Cheap big screen TV's, high ticket and food prices, poor in-game experience all lead to fewer and fewer fans in stands. CFL team owners need to realize that people have lots of options on how to spend their disposable income. If you don't make it worth my while, I am not going to pay to show up. This is not just a CFL problem, all the pro sports leagues suffer from the same issues.

Well having flagfest with scores of 20-13 dont help either

I'll tell ya, I didn't get too much into that debate because it seemed to me as though the players were taking far too many avoidable penalties anyway, but...The length of the post-flag toss discussion at times is just brutal.

I know, I know...They want to make sure they "get it right". But hell, when I'm getting rained and hailed on for three and a half hours, watching three dudes take their sweet time debating priority between two flags thrown is infuriating. It seems that a couple of times a game I, and/or one of the guys attending games with me, will shout "get on with it!".

High ticket prices ??? It was free for season ticket holders in Hamilton this past wknd. CFL ticket prices are more than fair .

Please explain what you mean by "poor in-game experience".
I don't understand what you mean by that.

You go to a football game.
You see a football game.
What else are you looking for?

For me its BC. I was surprised by Fort Mac because the preseason game there seemed well attended, but BC's steep decline is troubling.

I have to agree, Orridge has zero charisma. This guy does not help matters, at least the previous commissioner smiled.

Where were all the Toronto football fans?? that was unbelievable.
I can tell you that if TFC was kicked out of BMO stadium and had to play in Hamilton there would be at least 20,000 fans that would follow them there. Their fans are dedicated.
Will the Argos be able to attract 14,000 average at BMO Field next year?

Orridge was a terrible choice but i doubt to many qualified individuals were inline for that job anyway. Lets hope he can at least fix the mess he made with the CCES before the end of the year. If the owners got conned by Orridge that he could sell football to young fans or get them a US tv contract they will be disillusioned.

TFC didn’t even get 20K when they clinched their first ever playoff spot last week

Will they flock to Hamilton and top the Argos numbers? Let’s take that bet. The stipulation being their fans can only be notified a few days in advance. They would need the Ti Cats fans help filling seats too.

CFL needs to seriously up its marketing department. The league/teams only seem to advertise on TSN or their local radio station. There should be marketing for every home game online, on local TV and radio.

The CFL should be buying advertising spots, to promote the Grey Cup game, on Blue Jays games and HNIC.
The CFL needs to step up, but TSN needs to step up their TV coverage. The first down line, rarely makes it all the way across the field, sometimes I have even seen it move. I don't expect TSN to be able to everything the NFL and NCAA coverage does, but this technology as been around a few years. Perhaps at least add another camera somewhere for a slightly different angle.

Most of all, the CFL needs their top players, in particular QB's, to stay healthy. Its not surprising to see more flags and bad plays when a large portion of the most skilled players and leaders of their teams on the injured list.

Why is this on the Ticats forum.... I never posted this on the Ticat forum and only posted it on the CFL main forum... It is made to look that I am singling out the Cats when in reality,I voted for the game at UBC.. Sometimes mods get their own agenda I guess.

It's not on the Ti-Cat forum.........The Ti-Cat forum is a "Bungle Free Zone" NO BUNGLES ALLOWED !!! Plus why would you think that it makes you look like your'e singling out the Cats for bad attendance ? All the Cats have done is SELLOUT every game this year at THF.......4 words for ya Bungle......Lay.....Off....The.....Crack..... :cowboy:

No agendas. You can access all the same forums through as you can through That doesn't mean this thread is on the Ticats Forum. These links both take you to the same place, even though the URL looks different:

Lol.. I'm not on crack.. I agree with you that I wasn't trying to single out the Cats. Like why would they go to a neutral site game when they have 11 of their own games to go to. If this game was in London, and drew 3000 fans,then I'd be more critical

Most disappointing CFL Attendance of 2015 ? It's not even on your list Bungle but I'm thinking that the Argos-Alouettes game tonight at THF will almost certainly be the WORST attended game this of noon today the ticket sales are around the 2,500 mark. This thing going on with Rogers and the absolute BS that they are pulling on the Argos and the league is indeed.................
M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E. The TV numbers will also most likely be once again abysmal as well for this game as it will be directly up against game #6 in MLB between you know who and that team from KC.

Let's all hope that this game tonight played in a virtually empty stadium isn't broadcast in the States. It's crazy when ya think of it........
I mean who would've thunk it ? A Montreal @ Toronto @ Hamilton game :roll: ......Absolutely ridiculous and completely unnecessary.
Especially with the Jays not even in town let alone at the Rogers and the friggin' Dome sitting totally empty tonight. :thdn: :oops: :x

Well perhaps the thread title to should changed to 'Most Disappointing CFL attendance of far'. :lol:

But then again to be disappointed is to have high hopes in the first place so tonight's game may be par for the course :smiley:

Again, the 2015 season write off continues and still hoping for the Jays to go the distance combined with the 3rd place finish in the east for the Argos.

This too shall pass.....

Amazingly the Bombers averaged almost 27 k a game this year. This after being 20 plus games under 500, since moving to IGF :roll:

Reducing the number of penalties should be at the top of the commissioner’s list. Game flow is being killed by the same old calls, in particular during kick returns. PI is all over the place, and roughing the passer (despite the very valid intent of wanting to protect QBs) is often a joke: In a contact sport if you happen to harmlessly graze the QB or softly push off, this should not be a problem. Either the rules should be overhauled with a target maximum number of infractions per game, or the league could consider allowing more player practice time to increase game quality, and attempt to come to an agreement with the union next time around.

Don't feel like starting a new thread. With the regular season in the books the attendance stat have been updated

BC 2015 - 21,290 vs. 2014 - 28,011 -6,721
Calgary 2015 - 30,376 vs. 2014 -29,559 +817
Edmonton 2015 - 31,517 vs. 2014 - 33,485 -1,968
Hamilton 2015 - 24,231 vs. 2014 - 15,371* +8,860
Montreal 2015 - 21,430 vs. 2014 - 20,675 +755
Ottawa 2015 -23,432 vs. 2014 - 24,295 -863
Saskatchewan 2015 - 31,182 vs. 2014 - 30,071 +1111
Toronto 2015 - 12,430 * vs. 2014 - 17,791 -5,361
Winnipeg 2015 - 26,746 vs. 2014 - 28,314 -1,568

4 teams up, 5 teams down though I'd consider Ottawa even as I didn't' expect them to sell out all games this year.

League average 2015 - 24,737 vs. 2014 - 25,286 -549. Overall down a bit but still lots of context to consider behind the numbers. Even with low attendance in Toronto during this lame duck season, if all of their games we're in RC, I think the overall league average would be even.

Next season would a better measuring stick.