Most Disappointing CFL Attendance of 2015

This year has been brutal for the CFL. TV numbers are down,scoring is still at a recent historic low,but scarrier is attendance is down. What is the most disappointing attendance figure this season?

I voted for Thunderbird ,because the Lions actually promoted the game by stating it would be the largest crowd ever at T-bird stadium. It never even came close with a Shrum Bowl from many years ago, which drew more than twice as many fans.The Lions wasted money installing extra seats and the perminate grandstand wasn't even close to being sold out.

BS. I was at the game. This was not even CLOSE to the most disappointing CFL attendance of 2015. Grandstand was full (it seats 3,500). Grassy knoll on the visitors side (basically a picnic area), half full. Room for 5,000. Attendance was 6,117 so 72% capacity if everyone was crammed in. It was a glorious evening for football. People were barbecuing in the endzone and little kids were throwing footballs around on the large sideline area. Non-story. Next.

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....I was at the preseason game at Thunderbird Stadium. It was an amazing atmosphere. The grandstand was packed. There were a lot of fans on the grassy hill opposite. Was the grassy hill packed? No, but there were also a lot of people standing around the field as well. If those people were sitting rather than standing, it would have been completely full.

The problem with the Lions is their President gets carried away (remember “Guaranteed Win Night” versus the Riders last year and how well that turned out??). This year he put his foot in his mouth with an unrealistic number. $40 a ticket for a preseason game on the COMPLETE western end of the city (drive any further west and you’d hit the ocean) on a Friday night, with the public perception that it was an inadequate venue, and parking would be an issue (it turned out to be very well organized but perception is reality when folks are deciding how to spend their discretionary $$)…they should be happy that the stands were full. If I hadn’t heard Skulksy’s expected pie-in-the-sky attendance number, I would have said to myself, “Wow, they’ve almost doubled capacity. Great job!”

Forum moderators should open a new forum dedicated to TV ratings and stadium attendance.
The rest of us would no longer hear from Bungle on the CFL Talk forum.
His fixation has gotten tedious. :roll:

Go bury your head in the sand. Even look at Commonwealth today they had acowd today so small you would assume they had a record.worse than the Lions
.the wearher was amazing and a team fighting for the West still.could not.draw 30kdespite.having the cheapest tickets in the entire league

Damn it. I want to change my vote.
I picked @thf.
When really @ skydump is worse

I would out Edmonton’s on the list. It’s not terrible by any stretch and they have big stadium but I don’t see any reason why they should be down by so much.

All of the rest on the list have good reasons for their state. I understand Montreal is up a bit year.

The Argo's are still going to have issues filling BMO, next year . It will be better but not much . They Should have been 10 k Argo fans in Hamilton today to support their team , a show of support for a team , treated horribly by Rogers . The fan base is almost gone and hopefully the people of Toronto start respecting and supporting this franchise again ?

I will say this now - the new CFL commissioner that was chosen by the few is a Lame Duck , Toronto business and media will eat this fella alive or forget him real quick - yes it is the Cinderella year , BUT?

Stature and Strength and Professonalism , this is what the league needs - not huggy love and silence!!

We all know the commissioner is a joke... I've been screaming for years now that this league needs to get rid of Bill Wirtz and Al Davis.. Oh pardon, I mean David Braley and Robert Wetenhall. Despite the new TV money, the BC Lions and the Bombers are going to bleed red ink this year.. The last two CFL seasons have been total disasters
I still blame greed as the culprit. When the owners decided to take the players out behind the wood shed last spring, it caused a chain reaction that undid 10 years worth of positive growth.

the new Commish is not helping matters when the CFL is the only pro sport without a drug testing program in place (nearly a whole season at the moment) and with no prospects on the horizon.

that, and some questionable decisions/direction such as the non-tendered TSN contract extension, broadcast juggling, neutral site games, GC ticket pricing, lack of aggressive league promotions/marketing, etc etc.

I'm afraid Mr. Orridge may be in over his head by allowing the owners full control of his puppet strings.
It's one thing to broker logical compromise and another to become a yes-man-nequin.

Where are guys like Jake Gaudaur and John Ziegler when you need them?

Holy shh....t tangle, give the man a break, he's only been in the job for a short time and some issues have been decided contractually before he was in the job anyways. Sheesh. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

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I voted BC as their attendance is down almost 48,000 after 7 games this year as apposed to last year. Attendance is a concern in the CFL this year BC, Edmonton, Ottawa and Winnipeg are all down in attendance numbers. Wouldn't be so bad but the tv rating are also down this year.

Not that Edmonton is losing any money as one of the flagship teams in the league. But I would have to say the attendance is very odd by being low this season. I think we broke 30,000 only 2 or 3 times this year. The rest of the games have only been 27,000 to 29,500 on average. 2 years ago (when we went 4-14) we were still pulling 34,000 a game at least on average. Five years and over we were pulling 38,000 to 44,000 on average.

A few factors are perhaps the lack of offensive production from Ottawa coming into it? Which was the first year after the Esks went 4-14. So it was a double whammy perhaps? In turn, the lack of offensive production that plagued the year last year a still does to an extent this year has contributed to AWFUL rule changes with defensive PI. I honestly think the league is broken in that regard. PI is a joke in the CFL and so are the refs. Worse than the college refs when the NFL refs went on strike, although I can't blame them fully because the league has made an awful rule. I kind of think a bunch of things have snowballed (I've only named a few things that severely bother me) and are severely affecting attendance everywhere.

Could all of the above be an option? Cause all of them look pretty horrible

yes, he has held the position since just this year but there is NO excuse for not having a drug testing program all season long without any alternative options available.

this miscue alone gives the CFL the perception of bush league.

and we could be talking about the same issue again next season as there are no credible facilities willing to work with the league.
is it fair for those who take full advantage of the testing void to snatch the job of those playing by the rules?
and nice message it gives to collegiate prospects who are looking to gain entry into pro ball.

hopefully, Orridge can iron the other issues sometime next season.

It is a good thing for the league that the worst teams are in Winnipeg and Saskatchewan as they have the best fan support in the entire CFL. Losing records like theirs, especially the Bombers, in any other CFL city and there would be no one in the stands.

The Bomber are so bad now that even the useless, washed up Jovan Johnson is able to kick sand in their face.

And Useless Matt Nichols is their best QB… This is all the curse of Kevin Glenn

Lol…He still has a little something left in the tank, it seems…