most boring season ever?

If…? :expressionless:

i'm sure he means when! hehe

if it's the blowouts, then you should have made this thread at this time last year:

2008: after 3 weeks there were 6 games decided by 14 points or more

2009: after 3 weeks there have been just 4 games decided by 14 points or more

although i suppose some of that could be teams picking up points in garbage time this year to make it seem a little closer, but still, you get the idea.

anyways, im loving the season so far, the argos are bad which is a plus, and the cats are above .500 for this first time since 2004!!


nice to see the cats doing so well this year . maybe the games are boring cause the Offences are not as sharp yet but in a couple of weeks things should really get interesting.

Just a slight correction, sambo. It wasn't their first win in the West in 5 years; it was their first win in Vancouver in 5 years.

I heard the commentator say its was their first win in a Western Stadium in 5yrs… but they did beat Edmonton @ Commonweath by 2 in 2006. Thanks, BigDave.

Did Rod Black and Duane Forde call that game?

Yep. They've called all three Ticat games so far.

:oops: Fortunately I only saw one, since I was at both home games. And I would never tape the game and watch it later, without the express written content of TSN and the CFL. :wink: