most boring season ever?

so far, this season has been really lackluster, IMO.

i find myself leaving the TV b4 the end of games, sometimes early in the 3rd QTR.

i dunno if its the blowouts, the teams not being in mid-season form yet, or maybe, this being my 5th CFL season, im bored of seeing the same 8 teams play over and over and over????

anyone else as bored with the '09 CFL season as i am?

I think compared to last year there were a lot closer games, it seemed like every one I watched when I starting getting back into the league last year was won or lost in the last or second last drive

Break the games down and try to see what the players go thru. there is so many little battles on the line, over the middle plays, one team finds a seam to go for an attck and sticks with it. It's football; or is it the NFL around the corner and can't wait thing?

the only close games that come to mind, were last weeks ticats upset over the lions, and the als holding off the surging stamps.....thats it.

NO, its not an NFL thing....wouldnt watch that if i was being paid for it.

O.k. no problem it was just a thought; one thing is for sure the CFL is tough hard fought football regardless. But man it's tough watching those Eskimo's of late. :frowning:

Actually I've been enjoying it more this season so far than I have in decades. Though it might be because I've become so disenchanted with the NHL (despite a good Stanley Cup final), the CFL has become my alternate sports fix. It might also be that you can never get tired of the Argos getting blown out....

Sure I'd like close games all the time but not the case but agree with Evildoctor in a sense about hockey especially hockey in the regular season that looks more like basketball on ice or glorified shinny until the playoffs. CFL games and football still provide the most bangs, literally, and every game means a lot even though if the game is a blowout I will still change the channel with the CFL like I did tonight halfway in the 4th quarter, same in every sport for me with this.

only 5 seasons? god, you're hard to please.

this is my 31st season and I never get bored of it!

you have to grow a thicker skin buddy.

I agree with you Evil, there has been way more scoring than last year and even though we have had a lot of blowouts, its entertaining when the offences are way ahead of the defences.
Give me more points over boring low scoring No Funners League type games.

33 years later and i still think the CFL is the best league ever. even if my Esks suck.

I agree that blowouts aren’t exciting, but I still think this has been an exciting start. The B.C./Saskatchewan and Hamilton/B.C. games were great. The last few minutes of the latter game were some of the most intense I’ve watched in a while. The Lions and Stamps both starting at 0-2. Montreal winning consecutive games against Western opponents. Even with my Eskimos tanking, I’m still enjoying the season. I’ll probably start cheering for my second favourite team (Ti-Cats). They may have finally gotten over the hump.

Boring my ass, it's been exciting keep it up CFL if you think it's boring you should go watch a spelling bee or Poker

It's the blowouts for sure. I suspect, and hope, it gets better as the season goes on. I still watch, but it is difficult to hang in there in the 4th quarter when the game is basically decided.

I don't have a problem with the eight teams as long as they're good eight teams. I'm extremely disappointed in the Esks (and apparently many others are too, judging by attendance) and that has cast a pall over the season for me. On the other hand, I can't wait to see what the Cats do next.

It's football! you're going to have blowouts and you're going to have squeakers. You're just not going to have them every game every week. It's only the third week and i am enjoying the fact that the Bombers and Ticats are looking renewed and the Argos are not. Things will heat up as the season moves forward, it always does. Personally if my team has the fire power to run up a score i say go for it! It just exemplifies the weaknesses of the other team and reminds them of what they need to work on.

The Riders seem to have a knack for putting on an entertaining finish. Even if they're headed for a blowout, they'll find a way to make it interesting late. Sometimes it's enough to give a guy a heart attack.

this ruffie / als game is pretty entertaining so far.
ruffs have been fun to watch so far this year.

Still a young season. It will pick up soon, for sure.

I am not bored of this season. A couple of upsets. Winnipeg beating Calgary, Hamilton beating B.C, Montreal 2-0 playing in the West after going 0-4 in the West. Spygate contraversy, Retro week, an average of like 7 turnovers at Mosaic stadium, and we saw the catch of the year, (Ben Cahoon's helmet grab) :thup:

I think its pretty good so far.

Very dumb comment going into the 3rd game of the season :roll: go watch Golf then, thats way more exciting :roll:

This is about as bad as Toth’s article.

its barely 3 weeks into the Season guys! stop being so damn critical!

the NFL has plenty of boring games and weeks to give us! sheeesh

There are some interesting story line developing:

Will the Als go 18-0?

There will be at least one team at 1-3 in the West- Calgary or BC and two for sure if Edmonton loses its game in Regina. When was the last time there were 2 teams in the West at 1-3?

How good/bad will the Cats be.. 2-1 right now, beating the Lions in Vancouver for their first win in the West in 5 years. Will they sustain the momentum of winning 2 in a row?

Can Mike Kelly make it at least a week without controversy?... :lol: :lol: