Most balanced offence in the CFL

The Ticats boast the most balanced offence in the CFL. Hamilton passes 56% of the time and runs on 44% of offensive plays. The league’s average pass-to-run ratio is 61-39. Quarterback Kevin Glenn has been making sure Hamilton’s passing attack is balanced as well with nine different players recording a reception last week against Toronto.
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(Although Brown caught his pass from Medlock, not Glenn)

Interesting to see the Cats ranked 4th. If all goes well after the next two weeks, we should be ranked 2nd or possibly even 1st! :wink:

(The only ranking that counts, of course, is the one they give after November 27). :thup: :thup:

Didn't realize we were running the ball that much, interesting.

I thought the CFL run:pass ratio was somewhere around 15:85. Surprised to see it's more balanced than that. My feeling was that the Cats were doing significantly more run plays this year, but I didn't realize the ratio was so close to 50:50.'s mathematical power ranking has the Tiger-Cats ranked 2nd. Check out the close rankings between 1 and 2, the gap between 2nd and 3rd and the gap between 6 and 7.

1 B.C. Lions.. 6.9
2 Hamilton... 6.8
3 Montreal.... 4.3
4 Calgary..... 3.5
5 Winnipeg .. 1.4
6 Edmonton..-1.1
7 Toronto.. -10.1
8 Sask...... -11.7

Thanks Jim.

I had a feeling that the NP rankings were off. It's good to see Mr. Spock's mathematical analysis shows that I was correct! (Never argue with a logical Vulcan, as I'm sure you know only too well :lol: )

It has been a strange season in the CFL!
B.C. is on fire right now after a dreadful 1-6 start
Bummers have lost alot lately
Eskimo's and Calgary are just having crazy seasons
Als are not nearly as strong as they used to be
We have a great team, but ...
In fact every team in the CFL has been inconsistant this year
except the Arblows who have been consistantly bad. :lol:

We have been consistant in the red zone and field goals this year which is are great stats to have.

A balanced attack is also an enviable stat.

I disagree that every team has been inconsistent. I think old Mother "Parity" has reared its ugly head. My humble opinion only of course...

I'll take the mathematical power rankings over the biased ramblings of "Mathew I never give any respect to the Cats Cauz" anyday.