Most applicable player names?

Toronto just re-signed Shannon Boatman. I can't think of a more perfect last name for a member of that team, or a more appropriate team for a guy with that name to play for.

For a while, the Bombers had a guy named Tom Canada. With a name like that, he just had to come to the CFL.

Though not specifically appropriate to the CFL or either teams he's played for, the name "Buck Pierce" seems very appropriate for a sport as rough as football. Too bad he didn't play for the Stamps... think bucking broncos.

Any others?

Well Fred Stamps, but he's playing for the wrong team. . .

As for Buck Pierce, I always thought that was a perfect name for a hunting~fishing show on TV Saturday mornings. . . Doesn't "Outdoors with Buck Pierce" sound like a natural?

Fred stamps should play for Calgary

I always think porn movie star when I hear Buck Pierce.

everyone needs to have simple names... so Rod Black can stop screwing up peoples names. man i wiah he would just go back to figure skating play by play.

Although its not CFL related... there is a junoir player by the name Wheaton King that plays for the Brandon Wheat Kings of the WHL...

Former TiCat Bronko Nagurski Jr., who passed away recently, should have played for the Stampeders, since they were called the Bronks from 1935 to 1944.

Newman is a good one. Everytime he screwed up I would do the Seinfeld.."newman!"

Dan Blocker should have should and probably could have been an o-lineman.

Well, the most INapplicable would be Dan Goodspeed. Should have been Dan Cementfeet.

Always liked Dan Payne as a lineman.

In other sports, I always thought that Miroslav Satan should play for the NJ Devils

Add Eddie Steele of the Tiger-Cats to the list, playing in Steel Town.

What about Larry Canada.. should have played in the CFL, not the NFL..

or tom canada?

Tom Canada was mentioned in the opening post.

Just good names from the past;
Eagle Keys, Leroy Sledge, Shonte Peoples, Nat Dye, Whit Tucker 26, Billy Joe Booth, Randi Rino 81. Leroy Blue,
Joe Paopao 6, Bronco Nagurski 80, Jim Stillwagon 68, Cedric Minter, Rocket Ismail, Spergon Wynn.
And John candy 0099 No no Sorry a owner with his 2 buddies Bruce & Wayne. Holly Batman...
BUT my all time favorite is Bubba Wyche #10 SS Riders with pretty long hair ,very clean uniform, never need a shower after the game. You see he was backup to Ron Lancaster for 7 years. One game in his last year Ronnie got hurt. COACH said
Bubba get in there!!! What me coach?? I don't even have my shoulder pads on!!! LOL.

Mention goes to Larry Highbaugh pronounced highbauaaaaaaaaah as per Brian Hall CHED'S radio announcer.
Larry was one of the best athletes I have ever seen. Regularly played D-back, Kick returner,Wide reciever, and was a
threat to score on each side on the ball. He challenged High School Baseket ball and Volley ball meats to games.

Me too.

I was thinking about Shonte Peoples today actually. I wonder what happened to that dude, prolli back in Detroit I guess.

Funny, I just think of a guy on the 9 game IR.

Zing! :wink:

I don't know about applicable, but the Ottawa Rough Riders had the best.....Molly McGee (also from Sask), Admiral Larry, Price McJunkins III, Wonderful Monz, and of course Julius Caeser Watts.

Diamond Ferri...I cant imagine the pain that boy suffered at school! :?