Mossis Madu

18 carries for 50 yards(no pistol for FG69)
8 receptions for 72 yards
26 touches for 122 yards total
I know! he fumbled in the last minute trying to pick up a couple of more useless yards when he should have gone down
and protected the ball.
and of course he dropped a sure touchdown pass,(as did Bakari)
but he showed a lot of promise and potential with his opportunity while Gable is out.
I really hope that Gable gets 26 touches a game when he returns.

agreed. it will be good to have these 2 backs splitting time (Gable getting more obviously)

The kid played great. I thought he blocked well from what I saw. Take away the fumble and he makes that TD catch and he's prob. OPW.

Well, we all accept that CJ Gable is the better back. Now the question becomes, if say you picked up Marcus Thigpen off an NFL cut for a reasonable price, would you keep Madu?

if possible. yes! if i am remembering correctly throughout his career CJ has always been a little prone to injuries.

Madu will suddenly develop a particularily nagging hangnail injury on his left pinky finger, requiring substantial IR time, Bakari immediately becomes expendible, as Tasker, Thigpen, Fantuz, Giguere, Koch and Ellingson supplant him.

No Pistol? Do you even watch the game(s)? Almost every one of Madu’s carries was out of The Pistol - Shot-Gun I Formation.

They ran it consistently.


Monday’s game showed the value of The Pistol. Madu earned hard yards which set up the screen game. He also earned hard yards on 2nd down conversions. Yes, he dropped the TD pass. Yes, he fumbled. Two mistakes. But I really felt they were better off for exhibiting a run game thus making Toronto respect it.

And don’t forget the pistol misfire - bullet in the wrong chamber perhaps - on the safety, where it looked to me like Madu went left instead of right.

And I’m putting the missed TD pass equally on Madu and Collaros. Madu was so wide open that the ball could have been feathered to him, and that’s what it looked like he expected, turning and slowing. Instead, Collaros lead him with the pass so he could catch it without breaking stride, and ended up going just past Madu’s outstretched hands. Madu adjusted to the coverage; Collaros didn’t, going with the original play design.

All in all, though, I thought Madu played well, especially on releasing for the screen.

OOOPS! sorry FG69
Obviously I am not familiar with it.
When I watch the replay I will figure it out.

No doubt. It misfired a few times. But they ran Madu out of the pistol quite a bit and he earned good yards. Ever with a low per average carry, the establishment of a run game aided the rest of the offense. Also, when’s the last time that you could remember that when everyone in the stadium, on the opposing sideline, and across the television viewing audience, knew they were going to run and they ran and they got the yards needed? They did that Monday.

Run CJ out of The Pistol … You’ll really see it flourish!

Really looking forward to seeing Mossis & CJ out of the 2 back set.

No worries Grover. QB is in shotgun at 4 -5 yards deep. Running back is set behind him at around 7 to 8 yards deep. (Or 3 to 4 yards behind QB)

It’s that simple?
No wonder I couldn’t figure it out!! :?

Yep. It's just that simple. Madu ran very well out of the pistol. Just review the tape.

I can only imagine CJ's effectiveness in the same formation. Mossis ran the pistol at Oklahoma yet CJ ran the I & shotgun I at USC. Both are well suited for it.