Mosquito Excitement at Sweetness and Light GT, Thu Jul 31

Time to tee this up - Go Cats Go!

Oski Wee Wee,



Can't be that many at the park that there's no one here, can there?

Ready to watch the Ticats hand the Bombers their second loss of the season! :rockin:

That looked like a pretty bogus PI call on Murray to me at least from the replay that I saw. time for the D to step up!!

I was thinking the same thing. Nice catch, all the same, so it doesn't matter.

D finally stiffened, limiting that drive to three points. Didn't look good up until that point.

Accident on the Burlington Skyway (QEW) (part at least is closed down) is making it a nightmare for many fans to get to the game. That's why the stands look bare. Could have used some crowd noise on that BB drive! :frowning:

Not having Banks in there tonight might be an issue - if it already isn't

The Skyway accident is making a mess of traffic everywhere, i'm sure that's holding up a few people. Bob Young did say it was sold out on twitter today.

Not a great start for the D. :frowning:

Or the O, with a two-and-out. But Bomber receivers have been pretty sure handed so far.

Need to put a stop to Kelly!

Agree! Liked him as a Ticat and its nice to see him doing well - BUT NOT TONIGHT!!! Need more pressure on Willy too!

Now to see if we can get some offense going here


Gable who rarely fumbles drops the ball!!! :x Another 2 and out!! And the Bombers have good FP. :x

The Cats need to get some field position back before things go sour

What happened to our run defense???

Lucky it's only 3 again. We could be getting are butts handed to us. Need some offense!!!!

They finally get a FD and there’s a penalty??? Holding??? LeFevour tries to get the FD but is stopped :x

Ya. A first down would be nice.

THANK YOU DAVIS - nice pass knock down to stop the BBs :slight_smile: