Mosquito Excitement at Nags Game Thread, Sept. 15, TSN, 9 pm

Winnipeg at Calgary
Friday, Sept. 14
9 pm et / 6 pm pt

Ought to be an interesting game from the Schadenfreude perspective. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


Kickoff is imminent.

7-0 Stamps after the Cote TD off a fake FG.

A safety and a rouge and it's 10-0 Calgary after one quarter.

Wow...27-0 for the Stamps. Much as I love watching the Bombers get pasted I'm concerned. The announcers are talking about how lifeless the Bombers are playing. My fear is they'll have a lot of fire in their belly next week with their jobs on the line...just in time for a visit by the Tabbies.

27-0 Stamps at the half. The Bombers are laying an egg in every phase. Elliott and Brink makes me reminisce about when the Cats had Dicken and Bankhead. Only playing the Cats D has padded their ridiculous output. Buck Pierce cannot come back soon enough...for as long as he'll last.

30-3 Stamps after three quarters.

Three hours of my life that I cannot get back -- 44-3 Calgary over Winnipeg, final.

And they will start Buck next week. Bad luck for us.

The Cats are on the way to save the Bombers. After the Cats visit the Bombers will be a new team on the rise again and their third string QB will look like Paton Manning. :roll: :oops:

Buck Pierce is NO better than any other QB on that roster, they are knee deep in a shitty system