Mosquito Excitement at Leos GT, Fri Jul 25, 9:30 pm et

Fri July 25 Winnipeg at B.C.
9:30 pm et/6:30 pm pt

Friday Night Football returns as Willy and The Moor Boys invade BC Place to take on the Lions.

Oski Wee Wee,


Harullahua with a FG to put the Bombers on the board first.

Good evening!

The Lions took Winnipeg too lightly going into this one. And Glenn looks like Glenn. Time to wake up, B.C.

Bombers are chipping away with their 3rd FG and a 9--0 lead.

Either they had a bad game in Edmonton last week and are better than they looked or the Lions just looked good against an ineffective Als team and rebuilding Riders team.

Lions finally made it on the the board with a McCallum FG.
Still the Leos showing some defensive life with a stop on the Bomber 3rd and short attempt late in the 2nd.

McCallum with a 2nd FG as the half ends. 9-6 Bombers at the half.

Superman" Geroy looking a bit choked up as he is honoured at half time

Glenn just picked off again.

Yup and pulled in favour of Beck. Oops Glenn is back in. Bombers score the first TD in the 3rd and now another FG + a single off the punt. Hajrullahau is money in the bank for the Bombers. :rockin:

Meanwhile this game is quickly going south for the Leos who can't hang on to the ball :oops: At least 3 or 4 turnovers in 3 quarters!

The Lions have major issues at QB. They are not the Lions of old.

Impressive punt return for a TD by Woods negated by a Bomber holding penalty.

Can't argue with that. Glenn looks less impressive than he did in Calgary. Things could improve when Lulay returns IF he is fully recovered and back to his "old" self"

Lions not roaring too loudly when they only have 2 FGs in 3 quarters of play! :oops:

BC seems to have a philosophy of "if you can't beat 'em sack 'em"! :smiley: Of course they can't seem to do much with the ball when they have it. Winnipeg's D playing well.

Will the real BC Lions please stand up? If this is it -YIKES!! Grey Cup favourites seem to be a REALLY long shot. :oops: