Mosquito Excitement at Leos Game Thread, Sat Sept 13, 10 pm

Sat September 13
Winnipeg at B.C.
10pm et/7pm pt

Kevin Glenn is firmly installed as the Lions' pivot following Travis Lulay's season-ending shoulder injury. Winnipeg wants to get back on the beam following back-to-back defeats to the Riders. I expect a high-scoring game and a BC win. We shall see.

Oski Wee Wee,

Russ <<<'s pregame take on tonight's clash.

Game one of the doubleheader was great. Let's see how this one shapes up!

Peg up 3-0, late 1st quarter.

Not really sure who will win this one and for that matter don't really care! Ticats still have to play each of them but the Leos will be on our turf when they do play. That may or may not mean something.

Slimfit needed for BC's ol or cheeseburgers for Winterpeg dl

:lol: Looks like the Leos OL should dominate the 'Peg DL based on weight. They certainly have the "beef"!

Leos with the FG to even the score.

Leos have lost a few including a previous meeting to the BBs on home turf so I'm sure they'll be trying to salvage their home winning record.

Grigsby fumble recovered by the Leos. And they are the "lucky" teams that drew Proulx as a ref although after last week and the Ticats previous experience in BC, I'd say Murphy is pretty bad too!

6-3 Lions after another McCallum FG.

This game is not exactly a barn burner. No wonder I'm having trouble staying awake! - Well that and the fact that it's been a long busy day!

Arcenaux with a HUGE catch for a FD and the Leos are in the red zone and knocking at the door but can they punch it in for the major? And Hariris walks into the end zone untouched and unopposed ! Leos add to their lead. 15-3 :thup:

Hit on Willy and he is slow to get up! Another QB down?? Looks like it. Appears to be his arm and now we will finally see what Brohm can do - well after the break!

16-6 Lions after three quarters.

After am exchange of field goals, it is 19-9 BC . 7:50 left in the fourth quarter. A lot of injuries in this game as well!

Glenn to Arceneaux and it's 26-9 BC -- the three-minute warning is imminent.

If Willy is out for more than just this game, O'Shea will find out what Mike Kelly lived through: the hell of trying to compete without a true starting QB.

Brohm looks brutal.

Agreed! The Bomber QB depth chart looks like it could bite them yet again!

Harris EXPLODES for a big run after vanquishing the turf monster!

BC wraps up a 26-9 win. Winnipeg is in free fall.

Oski Wee Wee,