Mosquito Excitement at Larks GT, July 11, 2014, 7 pm

Hi folks! Sorry to be late in setting this up...but here I am. LOL

If the Bombers hope to win, Willy will have to earn it tonight. Montreal bringing pressure virtually every down.

10-10 early in the second quarter. Black and Forde had a good interview with Marc Trestman, who is in Montreal to be honoured by the Als at halftime.

Huge TD fumble recovery by the confirms it. Great play by Dunn! 16-10 Winnipeg after the convert was blocked.

16-13 Bombers now as the Als inch closer by a Whyte FG....1:53 left, first half.

19-13 Bombers as the second half is about to start.

A Smith-to-Stafford TD strike makes it 20-19 Als, 10:45 left, 3rd quarter.

Al Bradbury (he who missed the call on Collaros) is the ref. LOTS of penalties including quite a number of unnecessary roughness. Looks like he is trying not to miss a thing tonight! But then his former boss Higgins is one of the coaches! :stuck_out_tongue:

Bombers take the lead back with the FG by Harulluarha (or however it is spelled!)

A good FG by the spectacularly named Lirim Hajrullahu makes it 22-20 Skeeters.

Shades of the Ticat/Riders(?) game BBs fumble the punt and Als recover but son't get too far - Als FG puts them up by 1.

With all the penalties and boring lengthy reviews this game has the potential to drag on until 10:30. TSN will be lucky to make it to Edmonton for any of the first quarter there.

SJ Green's TD catch makes it 30-22 Als. 9:22 left, 4th quarter. These penalty fest needs to end eventually.

A pick-six by Randle has the Bombers right back in it. The two-point convert attempt failed. 30-28 Als.

That's the second 2-point conversion attempt that the Bomber have tried and not made. See that the Ottawa Edmonton game is starting on TSN2.

Huge fumble recovery by the Als!

Washington fumbles another punt and Als recover. Might make HIggins feel better about losing that PI challenge! :slight_smile:


Whyte makes it 33-28 with the FG...just over two minutes left in regulation.

The umpire is up after being flattened.

Tisdale's big penalty keeps the Bombers moving down the field.

Flipped the channel to watch Hank throw two incomplete passes but switched back in time to see the Als get a Fg out of that fumble recovery.

Now the players are taking out the refs again. I swear I've seen a ref go down at least once every week so far with one hit being of the minor variety.

Bombers need a TD out of this drive to regain the lead and maybe win the game.