Mosquito Excitement at Larks Game Thread, Oct. 8, 12:30 pm

Blue Bombers at Alouettes (TSN)
October 8
12:30pm et/9:30am pt

Ought to be good home cooking for the Als today. :slight_smile: Hope to see some of you here!

Oski Wee Wee,


Some pre-game ruminations by the Skeeters can be gleaned here:

Kickoff is imminent.

A Palardy FG makes it 3-0 Winnipeg.

Whyte makes it 3-3 after his FG -- next update at the end of the first quarter. :wink:

Winnipeg leads 10-3 after a series of turnovers -- two for the Als, one for the Bombers. Als are threatening at the start of the second quarter.

What's going on, the bottom feeders giving the first place team such a hard time. Are the Als just playing badly or are the Peggers having a banner game. I hoped the Als would bury these guys for good and take a load off our mind. Let's hope the can.

Montreal gets a 39-yard FG by Whyte to make it 17-13 Winnipeg with three seconds left in the half. The Skeeters down the ball to run out the clock at the half.

The Als have been burned by turnovers (3) and lax secondary coverage on deep passes. Winnipeg's offense has not given up a turnover as yet (only one by Washington on a return)...the turnover machine must have an off switch today! LOL

All in all, a close game thus far.

20-16 Winnipeg after three quarters. A botched FG attempt from a bad snap meant the Bombers could not extend their lead.

I'm thinkin' The Bummers might pull this thing out!


Yet another forced fumble by the Bummers. But they take it nowhere. And almost another one on the punt return.

The way I'm wouldn't surprise me if the Bombers go on a tear and end up ahead of the Cats in the standings.

At the moment,I honestly don’t know which team is worse???..Neither one deserves to be around any playoff game,however…

Bummers win!!!

The Als look to be in alot of trouble...If the Dorks down the QEW beat Sasky later,things get interesting in The East!!!

I can't believe we have to worry about these clowns again,

I can!!

We're as bad as these clowns!!

The Final home game of the year might as well be called "The Stupor Bowl"!

27-22 Winnipeg over Montreal, final. Als certainly did not distinguish themselves with five turnovers.

Tiger Cats should have a lot to worry about the so called "clowns" who beat them soundly each meeting this year. The Bombers have far better talent and player personel than the Tiger Cats. Have you noticed when one of their players go down to injury another one steps up and plays well (Simpson) The Cats are running out of time to fix their inconsistencies and questionable coaching decisions. I predict Toronto and BC in the Grey Cup.