Mosquito Excitement at Larks Game Thread, July 4, 7pm

The game is on now. Montreal is leading 3-0 after one quarter.

Peg responds with a Goltz QB draw for a TD. 7-3 now.

A missed Whyte FG attempt is returned out of the end zone by Jovon Johnson...still 8-3 for Peg.

8-3 Peg at the half. Underwhelming performances by both offenses, especially the timing issues with Montreal's passing attack.

I will be stepping out soon, so enjoy the remainder of the game! I might be back in here with postgame comments in the next few days.

Oski Wee Wee,


I am sitting here with the guy who will be my son-in-law in 2 days. We're snoozing. What a game! NOT!!

What an offensive juggernaut these 2 teams have.... no one want to win this game????

Feels like a NFL game to me!!!!!!!!!

AC need glasses??

WTF was that throw going to??

Montreal looks like shite in this one. AC looks like a 50 year old

Don't look now... AC and the Als appear to be waking up

Arland friggin' Bruce with a big catch, and it's a five-point game with 2 minutes left. Here we go...

I will take “ways for Winnipeg to blow a game” for $200, Alex…

This drive is the game!

Worst game of the season?!! :smiley:

......And boom goes the dynamite...

Not a game EITHER team should be proud to say they were part of

Hard to believe Creehan had problem coaching Hamilton's defence last year considering how Winnipeg hamered Montreal all night. I guess it all comes down to talent, the Ctas had not talent on defence last year and Winninpeg looked sharp tonight. If AC plays this way for the rest of the season ...........lights out Montreal.

Losing to a raw backup at home ? inexcusable.

I guess it’s good that this game wasn’t broadcast in the US - CFL - Crappy Football League?.