Mosquito Excitement at Gang Green GT, Sun Aug 31, 3:30 pm et

Sun August 31
Winnipeg at Saskatchewan

The annual Labour Day weekend slobberknocker on the prairie is at hand. If Drew Willy is unable to go for the Bombers due to his hand injury, it is going to be a long day for the Peg at Mosaic Stadium. The Bombers are going to have to run the ball well to keep this close.

Oski Wee Wee,

Russ <<'s pregame preview. Darian Durant will start in spite of his own hand injury.

Oski Wee Wee,


Weston Dressler is in the lineup!

Milt Stegall in the prepame (typical) has nothing but negative comments about the Riders offense this season, such a tool....

For Milt, here is to the Rides spanking the Bummers today :thup:

Legree picks Willy off in the endzone....

O'Shea challenges... no way it was interference!

No PTI call after review, FD Rides

Of course he is going to support his old team the Bombers. However…I did hear him say that if the Bombers don’t get of to a good start and get some points on the board to take the crowd out of it, they’ll have no hope of winning. So far so good. Willy has them marching down the field and they should at the very least manage a FG even if they get stopped bit short.

Almost picked picked in the end zone but green penalty will keep them going. Pending the outcome of the BB’s challenge -PI - they could be on the goal line.

Well the Riders didn’t do anything with that INT…

And now No yards of the 15 yard variety, sets the Bummers up nicely!

And the good news is... Proulx is the ref today which means he won't be spoiling OUR game tomorrow!!1 :smiley:

Well Riders 2 and out and the crowd is VERY quiet. Bartel in the end zone to punt so the Bummers have great FP and the Riders are taking most of the penalties thus far!

I guess my point was, no matter who, he always goes after the negatives of every team, it gets old for an optometrist like myself!

I’m surprised the Rides punted out of the end zone, the bummers will have good field position after the NY call on the return…

Trying to get a PI was stretching it a bit for O’Shea who didn’t appear to be a fan of the rule but has used it a few time - usually to his advantage.

WOW.. Moore fumbles, but Pigs recover.... on the door step now!

TD Grigsby

Grigsby in for the Bummers Try,

Hirilaju makes it 7-0 bummers

Bummers just dodged a bullet on the fumble that they recovered and Grigsby with the TD to put the BBs on the board first. :thup:

Usually a good omen early when the bounces go your way for a TD,

What a monster KO by Hirilahu ha 95 yarder!

Ah but someone has to be the fly in the ointment or the devil’s advocate! :wink:

Winnipeg D really shutting up the rides on O and the Fans early.....

Dressler gets his ovation for his return.... on the return.....

Procedure and holding calls on the play..

Re kick

So far the bummers are shutting down the green offense. Green D - not giving the bummer as much trouble but Willy just tossed TWO bombs deep and overthrew both receivers.

Crowd goes wild as WD returns the punt. No wonder he went back to Regina - bet he didn't consider going anywhere else.

Unusual how the hold on the punt return gets added to the re punt on third down? Never seen that call before! :?

Dressler doesn't make much headway with the re-kick.