Mosquito Excitement at Gang Green Game Thread, Sept. 2, 4pm

Blue Bombers at Roughriders
Sunday, Sept. 2
4 pm et / 1 pm pt

Kickoff is now!

Riders hit a 50 yard sandra to open the scoring,

3-0 Rides

The Riders are up 3-0 after a wind-aided DeAngelis FG from 50-ish.

Nice grab!!!



Durant hits Dressler for a 25 yd. TD strike,

10-0 Rides

10-0 Riders after the Durant strike to Dressler.

10-0 Riders over Staggerville after one quarter.

TD RIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!

Another Durant to Dressler TD strike,

17-0 Rides beginning of the second.....

This just proves, we beat ourselves, and the Bummers had no hand in their victory!!

17-0 Riders as Durant hits Dressler for another TD.

Hi K/P and HTD!

and a good afternoon to you Russ

TD RIDERS!!!!!!!!

Blocked punt opens the floodgates!!!

That game still pisses me right off......... :x

Hey Oski!

Wooo! 24-0 Rides :lol:

Tyrone Brackenridge makes the punt block and the scoop for the TD! -- 24-0 Riders. The rout is on.

This must be Paul LaPolice's fault :roll:

Or Mike Kelly's

This is more of an exhibition by Joey Elliott of Dead Leopard than of a CFL-ready offense. Abysmal.

Riders are dominating the hapless Bummers in every facet

Michael Bishop is on Smoke Signal No. 2. :wink: