Mosquito Excitement at Evil Incarnate GT, Tue Aug 12, 7pm et

Tue August 12
Winnipeg at Toronto
7pm et/ 4pm pt

Yes, that anomaly of CFL scheduling: the summer early-weeknight game that Toronto always seems to get at home. Tuesday Night Football is on.

The pre-game preview is at .

Oski Wee Wee,


Bummers moving well down the field and threatening to score but Grigsby went down so that may affect their running game.
TD toss to Kelly and the Bummers strike first. :smiley:

Still 7-0 Peg, early 2nd quarter.

The Blew just scored a TD so now tied up.

Evil responds with the Steele TD

  • 7-7

Thought I heard that the Blew didn't take too many penalties in the game vs the Larks but they are making up for it tonight. The flags are a-flying. Just caught a look at their signature jersey powder blue and white mainly.

TD Bummers (Kohlert) who now lead 14-0 with the PAT.

Gill with a huge return for the Blew who start near mid field and could even the score before half time. Three minute warning (actually it's 2:36 remaining) :smiley:

TD Mo Mann. Tied score with 1:21 remaining.

One think I'm noticing about the RC tonight is that it seems louder than usual. Tuesday night suit Blew fans better??

Blew D make short work of the BBs and get the ball back with a short field. Looks like they will go for at lest a FG before the half to take the lead. going for the TD and they score with 3 second remaining to half time. :x

love having Mo back in the league

Blew were lucky that he was around and willing to come back since he already knows their offense.

Just checked out the article about the Blew signature unis. No only will they wear them this week vs BC (Leos will wear theirs too) but also on Labour Day! Kinda steals out thunder IIMOsince I thought that's when the Ticats would be worn too for the first time.

TD Grigsby to even up the score again :slight_smile:

Osh looked a bit upset with a penalty call against one of his players - looked like he thought it was borderline. Flags are flying on both teams though - regularly! :oops:

As the 3rd frame nears its end there is fumblitis on the field - for both team. Unfortunately the Blew are threatening to score again as the third ends. :frowning:

Winnipeg responds to the Blew TD with a major that is negated by a penalty. Blew with a sack on Willy. Looks like the Blew D is coming together - or the Bummers are tiring due to the short week.

No way that should be overruled as interference. Looks like head office is going to do everything they can to help out Toronto.

PI is the correct ruling there. Allowed to go for the ball, but not allowed "to go through the other player" to get to it.

Milanovich challenges and gets a PI call (Bucknor on Watt) which looked similar to the call on Butler last week. 28-21 Blew but no TD. FG coming up so Blew now with a 10 pt lead and about half of the fourth remaining.

It wasn't blatant though. Plays like that hand against the back happen all the time and often they let it go. I don't think those iffy judgement call PI's should be overturned.

Last stats I saw on penalty yds in this game had TO with over 100 and that was in the 3rd. Winnipeg had 70-80 I think (don't remember the exact #s) so I don't think you can say they are being favoured. Looks to me like the Blew are reaping the benefits of coming off a bye and being more well-rested than the Bummers who are on a short week and had to travel.