Mosca Video

I came across this on the CBC site.
It's a 1964 profile on Big Ang that runs almost 12 minutes. It's pretty good.

It was the tobacco company's golden age.

If you click on the football link on the left hand side of the page it will take you to a bunch more archieved footage that's also worth having a look at.

I remember watching Mosca cut a promo during his wrestling days on youtube. He certainly had mic skills, although it was a bit drawn out for me.

nice find TWTC :thup:

and here's a short clip showing old CHCH sportscaster Dick Beddoes "helping" Angelo King Kong Mosca back into the wrestling ring. (around the 15 sec. mark)

ah, memories.......

Here's a link to the 50th Anniversary Special of CHCH.
I heard Bob Brattina today say today on CHML something to the effect that Hamilton is world class. We are. It's just too bad we don't realize it. Too many naysayers looking for negatives to focus on. Many examples of our glorious past and present in these clips.
If you have some time watch all 6 clips. Here's the first one.

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Remember that hit just like it was yesterday. This game was also memorable for Prince Hal scoring on that long touchdown pass from Bernie Faloney and finally getting his Grey Cup ring. The good old days of the GREAT HAMILTON TIGER CAT TEAMS. Wish I could find that game in the CBC archives and really looking forward to today's game. Go Cats Go.