Mosca to appear on Dr. Phil

while Joe Kapp declined....

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[b]First it went viral, now it’s going Dr. Phil.

Angelo Mosca’s increasingly notorious dust-up with former football foe and fellow septuagenarian Joe Kapp has gained the attention of the famous U.S. television host. Mosca will fly to Los Angeles for a taping of CBS’s Dr. Phil show next week.

“We’re just waiting to hear when it’ll be on air,? Mosca said Thursday. “I’m supposed to go Monday or Tuesday.[/b] They told me they also asked Joe to come but that he wouldn’t.?

The pugilistic video has also been shown on numerous TV broadcasts, including Monday Night Football and The Bill O’Reilly Show.

Talk about exposure for the CFL! :thup:

I have to watch this, too bad Kapp "can't" make it. Wooss.

I heard the interview yesterday with Ange on the McCown show and that's when he mantioned about Dr. Phil.
Joe has to attend to recreate what went down.

It's hilarious to even think of Dr. Phil's questions in his Texan accent for Mr. Mosca:

Dr. Phil: So Angelow, you're retird riight?

Angelo: Yeah

Dr. Phil: So can you tell us just whyyy you are stilll so angryyy?"

Angelo: The guy is an a-hole.

Dr. Phil: So how's that workin' out for ya'?

And so on ...

LMAO :lol:

That clip was played MANY times here in the Bay Area because Kapp is a local boy. I'm glad neither was seriously hurt, but that bust up sure has gotten the CFL lots of play!


I love it, it shows how much these guys care about something that goes back that far is impressive.

CFL 4 life!

if there is anyone who needs dr phil, its mosca.

Talk about publicity... :lol:
I think this will be a Doctor Phil ill actually watch, anyone know when it airs? :lol:

Maybe Maury can get Kapp.

Kapp is afraid Mosca will make good on his promise to shove the flowers up his buttinsky. :wink: