Mosca to appear on Dr. Phil

while Joe Kapp declined....

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[b]First it went viral, now it’s going Dr. Phil.

Angelo Mosca’s increasingly notorious dust-up with former football foe and fellow septuagenarian Joe Kapp has gained the attention of the famous U.S. television host. Mosca will fly to Los Angeles for a taping of CBS’s Dr. Phil show next week.

“We’re just waiting to hear when it’ll be on air,? Mosca said Thursday. “I’m supposed to go Monday or Tuesday.[/b] They told me they also asked Joe to come but that he wouldn’t.?

Well, good for him. :thup: I'm sure he will make a good accounting of himself. Besides, I wouldn't doubt that Joe Kapp will appear at a later date! the end...both will appear together and they will shake hands. That's the way Dr. Phil will promote the show. :wink: It can't do anything but promote our game. After all, Joe Kapp is known much more than Mosca down there because of his Rose bowl and Super bowl appearance.

Anyway...getting back to the hit on Fleming...I've watched that so many times and honestly I can't see how Mosca could have hurt him by going over top of him. I watched that game on TV when it happened. I think it's a whole lot BS about nothing!

The only thing I can see on that hit that might cause an injury is that Mosca's right knee might have hit Fleming's head as he flew over top of him.

The pugilistic video has also been shown on numerous TV broadcasts, including Monday Night Football and The Bill O'Reilly Show.

Talk about exposure for the CFL! :thup:

This "dust up" turns out to be, as many of you suggest, great advertizing for the CFL. Ironically enough, some of us,
myself included, question whether or not Mosca's hit on Fleming was actually dirty. Personally, I didn't find it dirty
when it happened and I still don't find it dirty. Mosca was in flight while Fleming was running down the sideline in
bounds.Its not like Mosca could stop himself when his entire body was airborne. He would have been remiss not to
make that hit since Fleming was still in bounds when Mosca's feet left the turf. Angelo was no angel, but I found him
guilty of no crime in this case.

My opinion only.

Many BC fans continue to behave like cry babies for what I considered a bad call on Mosca 48 years ago. Let it go!!

If I were Mosca, I wouldn't believe the producers when they say Kapp declined to appear. Sounds like a perfect daytime talk show setup: "Now that you're comfortable, there's someone else who'd like to talk to you. Let's bring him out..." [enter Kapp to the sound of boos from the audience]. Never trust a TV producer any farther than you can spit a porcupine.

If it was the Springer show, I'd agree with you

The show Ang is on is about grudges not Ang Mosca and Joe Kapp.

Therefore Ang will likely be on for just one portion of the show.


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I liked this interview but the Bobcat missed
Ang mentioning that he had just found out.

Kapp's grudge might have been more about a piling on penalty
that Ang got for hitting Joe Kapp late during that 1963 game.

Angy the Great White Norths secret weapon. when your down there wrap your cane around the good doctors ears then search and destroy that hateful Newt Gingrich.

This eposode will be on this Friday on Dr Phill!
Friday - December 16, 2011
Grudges, Gripes and Grievances
When 40 years of resentment reached a boiling point between football greats Angelo Mosca and Joe Kapp, both 73, at a charity luncheon weeks ago, fists — and canes — were thrown! Video of the fight went viral, logging half a million views. Angelo tells his side of the story, and talks about his new book, Tell Me to My Face.

If I miss it, where can I pick it up on the internet?


A little taste of the interview... :|

Joe Kapp really should have been there to settle this.

Move on - nothing to see here. Mosca's appearance on Dr. Phil's show was very brief and contained nothing new. He is not interested in accepting any kind of apology from Joe Kapp. Yes, he has a book for sale. Yes, there were words exchanged before the actual flower in the face/cane to the head dust up. Joe Kapp refused to appear on the show and does not wish to be anywhere near Mr. Mosca. Personally, it made the two of them look very childish and did nothing to promote the CFL.
Dr. Phil did not mention that Joe Kapp was a former NFL player and appeared in a Super Bowl. That might have given the CFL some additional credibility with the American audience, but it didn't happen

It should also show up on On Demand as well...eventually

I agree, Teddy. In addition to Joe Kapp's failure to promote the CFL through his experiences in the NFL, Angelo
could have given the CFL some hype by mentioning the league and the number of American players that have left
the league to graduate from here to the NFL. He also could have mentioned the Grey Cup and if time, some of its
history, but his only interest seemed to be to promote his book. I was disappointed.

I did not watch the show. I found the entire episode between these two former players embarrassing. These were two fine players in their day whose latest imbroglio makes them look like little more than grotesque caricatures of their former selves. I had no expectation at all that Mosca was going to use his cameo on Dr Phil to promote the CFL, its history, its players and how great it all is. In fact, I would have been even more embarrassed if he had done so. Having two cranky septuagenarians having a fist and cane fight on stage was bad enough; having this become a trailer for a kind of UFC- retirement home edition promo for the CFL would make the league look ridiculous.

I thought there was a lot of obvious cutting and editing. He was hardly even on. Who knows what Mosca mentioned during the taping?

Seemed to me like the show was only interested in showing the video repeatedly which is what they did. Obvioulsy Mosca does not have control what was to air.

8) Yep, it was actually a waste of time even watching it.
   What disappointed me was that not once was the Hamilton TigerCats team name even mentioned !!!

    Just the reference to the Canadian Football League.