Mosca and Kapp scrap.

Kapp, the Lions quarterback in 1963, went to present Mosca with a rose Friday as a peace offering. Mosca brushed it off, Kapp responded and a scuffle broke out. Word was Mosca even used his cane to ward off Kapp, who countered with a punch.
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I love it!

I don't.

Hell, these are two great players. Why would Mosca do this almost 50 years later?

I read Kapp repeatedly shoved a bouquet of flowers in Mosca's face as they were introduced during a celebration event. If Kapp still has a problem with Mosca then put it into words. I mean, come on....we know how King Kong is going to respond to that. lol Hope Mosca got the best of him.

Who knows what was said or done by whom? Maybe the question is why either one of them let it get to this almost 50 years later.

Better to make nice than to hold grudges to your dying day. Pete Martin and Garney Henley did a nice piece some years back on the Ticats-Argos rivalry. They sure didn't let it degenerate into a fight between septuagenarians.

Football should be fun, not the source of lifelong animosity. I think this little episode is sad.

In most cases it is better to forgive and forget. It appears Kapp was being a bit of a jirk and Mosca took him to task some 50 yers later. As far as I am concerned if want to play with the bull you will get the horns. The current Tiger Cats lack that type of individual mental and physical toughness that Mosca brought to each game he player. Good on you BIg Ang" That type of toughness would have provided a much different outcome at EDF!

Joe Kapp sucks.

musta bin a argo, then. (at least in spirit) :stuck_out_tongue:

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There's always two sides to every story, but Ang's version seems to have the ring of truth to it in my mind.

You have to wonder the purpose behind showing the Willie Fleming hit though and why both ex-players had to be on stage together. Which bright eyed individual had the brain wave that it would be a good idea?

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steve: I agree.

It was awesome TSN just showed it in on Sportsdesk.
Kapp is seen trying to push a flower up to the nose of Mosca, then Ange swings his cane at Kapp who stumbles back and after Mosca gets up Kapp comes back with a right hander and which knocks Mosca down and out.
Decision Kapp and he is seen with a big smerk on his face.
Funny as hell.

An absolutely disgusting display by Joe Kapp.

raw video:

That's crazy!

I liked Mosca as a player, but as a person I've met a few times, I think he's a bit of a jerk. But Kapp went shove something in anyone's face, they're going to push you away. He didn't have to hit Mosca with the flowers. How ridiculous.

why don't we start a CFL Alumni Wrestling League?

I'd be more interesting than UFC or MMA...

This was hilarious. I can't stop laughing.
Kapp offers a flower to Mosca as a "peace offering". Mosca says "Up your a**". Kapp holds it up to Mosca'a face. Mosca shoves it away and swings his cane at Kapp knocking off his glasses. Kapp throws an excellent right cross to Mosca's chin... AND DOWN GOES MOSCA!

The Vancouver Grey Cup festival could not gain this much attention if they spent another million$ on marketing. There has to be a geezer rematch at GC 100 next year... King King Mosca redux!

Saw this this morning and just about fell out of my chair laughing, two old warriors going at it, loved it. :smiley: :thup:

Ang once told me "you always gotta be out there promoting yourself" He IS hawking a book, and did set the tone with his "up his a$$" comment.
Used to be in awe of the man but over the years the image has tarnished greatly.
All the class acts had left the room if you look and listen to the full version on youtube.

Very pathetic display by two former CFL greats if you ask me. How Kapp could punch in the face (more than once) an old man with glasses and a cane, is the same as punching a woman. Disgusting.

Just watched this on you tube and I couldn't believe it,I laughed through most of it and then wondered if the Ticats could have used a bit of Mosca's passion in the East final.