Mosaic Upgrades - Click to view !!!

[b]Click the link below. Detailed upgrades explained and shown.


Upon further analysis, I am not sure if this is official or if this is just some kid's interpretation.

Anyways, it is still something to look at.

from what ive heard its just one fan's suggestions.

It’s a fans vision… Click this link to see a bit of an explanation.

I actually like what the offices look like in the sketch, but I'm not so sure those endzones seats will be very good.

I was thrown off by the part that said something about April 2008.

But yeah my excitement caused me to jump the gun.

Let me start by saying I love those plans. Here are some other ideas. I'd like to see Riderfan4lifes recent but legendary drawing(conception) modified with a new Stadium square concept(like but not the same as Aspers). I keep having this vision of a 14+ storey hotel outside of the south endzone. Premium rooms in 'Riderville', would face the field(NW) for a unique experience for the out of town fan(so crucial to the future of the org.), with family and conference room (incl. stadium ticket) game packages for families on the other(SE) side.

Further south-east of the hotel development would be a new street with access from Saskatchewan Drive just a bit West of Canada Post running generally north(right through the old rail yard)that drives right up to the new hotel 'Riderville' on the SE end of the current Mosaic Stadium. Lancaster Lane, Reed Road and Austin Drive sound like good names to me. Driving or walking up that road from the new heart of downtown(Casino corner), will bring a fresh perspective to fans young and old. Maybe more importantly, it walks them right by a market square of shops(Rider related and otherwise), Restaurants, Lounges and like the cultural pavilions other cities have small parks and outdoor(possibly canopied) areas(fountains, sculptures, amphitheaters, seating areas). Flanked by a large multi-level parking garage on the side of the street closest to Canada Post behind that building(as it soon will be unoccupied space as well). This would bring some much needed parking to the new hub of downtown during weekdays for downtown workers and could act as the junction between the new stadium +15's(roofed walkways that are 15m above the ground) and the downtown +15's.

And thats just the start. I would just love to speak with Riderfan4life, anyone have contact info???


To much Green! :lol:

I guess you have been having some nightmares about the last two WSF's eh, 05?

Interesting concept....having been around during the last major reno. I don't think you will see anything going north. They are limited. The city ran into all kinds of problems buying out houses last time.

Going south only gives a little more room for expansion. If they really wanted to do something like this....go to the old superstore lot and rebuild properly. It would give better access to everyone.

I thought the same thing about Superstore but that will not happen (or so I believe).

A new facility is unlikely but would be cool.


They look great The person Who Drew these should be an Architect

Oh I agree a new facility is unlikely. But before they expand to a point where they need to buy more land or spend major dollars they should consider it.

The upside of moving to Superstore site are:

it is a bigger area,

it would move the stadium away from the noise restriction that limit how the stadium can be used

it would be cornerstone to going into downtown if they ever get rid of the tracks, image walking through green space from the casino to taylor field.

Not sure the superstore site is bigger. Take a look at the satillite view using google map. Now if you include the rail yard, then yes, but if it is just the Superstore site, you would have less parking space etc. I also have some concerns about traffic flow out of the Superstore site. Albert and Dewdney carry a lot of traffic.

I think the big tron end of the existing stadium has a lot of potential for expansion. I can see moving up to 35,000 seats with little difficulty.

Now if a totally new stadium were to be built and if the rail yards are available, then yes it would be a good location.

While there are plans in place to move the yard, as far as I know, there are no plans to move the mainline. That would be very big bucks.