Mosaic Stadium

Hello everyone in Riderland.
Just thought I would try to get some input on the latest rumour.
The stadium, lovingly called Taylor Field, will be renamed Mosaic Stadium by as early as this week, named after a fertilizer company headquartered in Minneapolis.
Any thoughts, comments?.

Mosaic is the name of a chain of potash mines in Saskatchewan. 1 in colonsay, 1 in Belle Plaine, and 2 in Esterhazy. They're owned by Cargill.

I doubt that the Riders would let Taylor Field be renamed, as it was named after one of the forefathers of the team. But I suppose that it all comes down to how much money Mosaic is willing to shell out.

Like I said, "rumour". But it is a pretty reliable source. we will know in a few days, I think. Maybe Friday.
Supposedly, all that remains to be done is have City Council rubber stamp the deal.
And it is Jim Hopson, Rider CEO who is behind the deal.
$4 million over ten years.
In other words, history and heritage are worth about $2 a game ticket.

Personally I would like to see a new stadium built possibly out on the number 11 highway just outside of Regina. For those that are not farmilliar with Regina, Highway 11 is the highway that connects Regina and Saskatoon.

Yes, there is a lot of history at Taylor Field and it has been around for many many years. But consider that there is very little parking in the area around taylor Field except for the old Superstore parking lot 4 blocks away. What happens if that lot ever gets sold and gets redeveloped. You lose that parking capability. Also Taylor Field is located in what could be called the worst neighbourhood in Regina.

I Personally would like to see a new state of the art facility for football games and various other sports (track and field, soccer, rugby, concerts) something with at least a modestly bigger seating capacity. A dome would be nice as well. but to use an old saying I think hell would freeze over before this would happen.

Now, One of the questions that needs to be asked is could the Riders draw enough fans to consistenly fill those seats? If the Riders could put together a team that has the consistency of say the Edmonton Eskimos then it could be possible. I can just hear the Rider haters saying that it will be a cold day in hell when the Riders could put a team together to do that.

Next Question is would it be economically viable to buid a stadium like that in or near Regina? The costs would probably be shared amonst municipal and provincial governments, the Riders, and possibly a fourth party, possibly a corporate sponsor.
I would think that it probably wouldn't be viable in a city/province where the economy is mainly based on agriculture and government agency's (more Regina than Saskatoon) and a shrinking population.

Maybe it's wishful thinking but i would like to see it happen.

Just one problem with a new stadium… Do YOU have the money for it? There is no way the riders or the government could afford to build a new stadium right now… Have seen how much they cost these days?

First of all, with all the upgrades in mind for Taylor Field over the next 5 years, there is no chance of building a new stadium. Plus the money isn't there either.

And second, $4 million over 10 years?!?! Are you serious? That has to be the worst sponsorship proposal I have ever heard. The city of Regina gets something around $2 million a year for 5 years from Brandt for having thier name on Brandt Centre, and IPSCO is shelling out around $1.3 million a year for the newly renamed IPSCO Place.(formerly Regina Exhibition Park). Like Arius said, that works out to about $2 per ticket per game over the next 10 years. Are the Riders that hard up for money that they need to sell all that history for the price of premium gasoline for Gaynor's truck that he rides around in after touchdowns?

ya, sure there is history but the man died in 1946. time to move on. this isnt yankee stadium or anything...maybe changing the name will reverse our fortunes and get us a home playoff game!

i dont see why the team wouldnt change the name, everyone else is doing it like the skydome (on a large scale), sask place (on a smaller scale) is money and if they use it wisely towards upgrades to the stadium, team or cheaper tickets etc. i can live with a different stadium name.

and whoever mentioned a new stadium, it would be nice but you are out of your mind, the stadium is in the sketchy part of town and isnt at all modern but with the upgrades they have done and the amount it would cost to build a new stadium it is insane to even think of regina having a new stadium in our lifetimes...and i am 21!

You are right Borje. This isn't Yankee Stadium.
However, the history of Taylor Field goes back as far as Yankee Stadium does. While we only named it Taylor Field in 1947 out of respect for "Piffles", the team now called the Saskatchewan Roughriders, originally the Regina Rugby Club, has played on basically that same location since 1923, the same year Yankee Stadium opened.
Piffles history goes back to 1915.
And "everyone else is doing it" is not much of an argument. Your mother never give you the "if your friends jumped off a cliff, would you" speech?

As for renovations, this simply is not an either/or situation.
And if you think ticket prices will go down, guess again.

Even so, thanks for the response.

Now before everyone shoots me for this post this is thinking from an economic side ONLY!!!

Any new stadium for the riders would make more sense in Saskatoon. The city is growing, unlike Regina. Edmonton is a short trip meaning bus loads of EE fans when they play (see how many riders fan make the trip to edmonton to watch the game).

Also the U of S wants to build a new stadium which could would mean another party to take in the costs. If it were a joint venture with the U of S you would gain the benifit of a lot students attenting the games.

Plus if i were a player i'd rather live in Saskatoon.

I can confirm that in a closed meeting with Regina City Council today, the Rider mangement team has in fact proposed changing the name of Taylor Field to Mosaic Stadium.
They save face by claiming that the playing surface itself will continue to be called Taylor Field.
I can't think of a stadium anywhere where people think of the two as being different.
And when TSN is broadcasting a game, what will they call it?
I assume that Mosaic hopes/intends it to be referred to as "Mosaic Stadium".

Anyway, Hershel, where's my gun...
I could made rebuttal to most of your points....but the fact that I am unhappy that they are going to change the name of the field, how unhappy do you think I would be over changing the field altogether? So I won't argue with you over a new stadium that won't be getting built anyway.

I'm just taking this from but the scoop there is that its going to be called Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field

I understand the tickets will not be cheaper, i meant keeping the prices down, my bad.

And I understand the history of the field but time rolls on...what about rider greats such as ridgeway or narcisse...there are many great players and people who have gone through this organization and have shaped it to what it is today, so change the name, get the money they can and attempt to create a more financialy stable stadium and franchise. (and no my mother didnt teach me to follow others...but i have learnt to follow when the outcome would benefit me)

as for the saskatoon idea, that makes complete sense - it is a much nicer city and is growing, not shrinking...although it makes complete sense, it will never happen.

-live for the future and get out of the past...

There was a baseball stadium renamed in a similar fashion. Correct me if I’m wrong but was it not Candlestick Park?

The original stadium was Candlestick Park, named after Candlestick Point which was the area of San Francisco in which it was built.
Then it was briefly renamed 3Com Stadium in a corporate sponsorship deal.
When that deal expired, it became San Francisco Stadium at Candlestick Point while they searched for new sponsorship. Now it is Monster Park. Next year, who knows…
Apparantly the locals still call it Candlestick, which was why it took several years to find new sponsorship once 3Com pulled out.

Right you are....My bad.

Who cares if they change the name I mean does anyone actually call it the Brandt Center because I know I don't, I still call it the Agridome. Or who is going to call it IPSCO park.
If it means an extra four million for a company that won't get that big of a gain because who is going to buy potash? I never heard of the place before and now I know where to go if I need any.

What was the point of that post? It will never happen because of the history in Regina. They can change the name or whatever they want to, but the history is still there. Also, “Looking at it economically” It makes no sense.Moving the team isnt going to happen because they are making money so there is no reason to jeopardize that. As for the EE fans, WHO CARES??? (nothing against the EE or its fans…)? The EE fans can drive the extra 2.5 hours if they want to see the game so bad. And why would a player rather live in Saskatoon?

Also Regina is a central location. Saskatoon is completely out of the way for most people. It would only be convenient for EE fans, and people that live close to Saskatoon.

It is not about just the city of Regina for the Riders. If it was the Regina Riders the team would have folded years ago. Come down to the Riders and see the stream of cars driving the highway to the games. People down here go to the games and fill the stadium. If the team moved to Saskatoon they would lose many of these fans.

I don't even care about the lack of parking to Rider games. There are places to walk from if you park your car, and they aren't the worst areas.

You can also find the right locations ( at some malls ) where you park your car and meet the bus to ride to the game. it only costs your basic bus fair and you make great time to the game. Because the buses easily get out of traffic and get you to a location where the traffic is not too bad.

Ok, I know that your speaking out of ignorance, but potash is a HUGE worldwide industry. Its used for making quite a few everyday items that most people use without even knowing it (ie. fertilizer for your lawn, salt on your french fries, just to name a couple). You have probably never heard of Mosaic b/c 2 years ago it was known as IMC Canada. Oh, and as for Mosaic making “an extra four million for a company that won’t get that big of a gain”, they can make that in about a week.

I still think that the City of Regina could have gotten a better sponsorship deal than this. Has anyone actually heard anymore on this topic from the media? I haven’t heard alot other than what I have read on here.