Mosaic Stadium

I would be interested in the thoughts of anyone who has been at the new Mosaic.

Some of my own observations, from afar. Designed by a Dallas firm and constructed by a Canadian/US company.

Lower bowl built below grade to (one reason) partially mitigate the wind.

Due to being below grade I noticed five levels of standing area at the scoreboard end, their "flight zone`, looks impressive.

While I cant tell for sure it looks like the seating extends up and past the floor of the concourse, thereby blocking the view while in the concourse which means - go back to your seat.

Now I know you don``t get what you used to for 165 million but man, were we hosed.

PS- I applaud the Ticats efforts to make better use of the endzone areas. I like the multi level idea, but you got to work with what you have.

Why were "we" hosed? what do you mean by - "we"

My daughter and family live in Regina. I've been to Mosaic. It's beautiful, really impressive. It's almost right beside the old stadium, you can see them together. What a difference.

First of all I believe the cost was $145million. Mosaic is quoted as being $278 million. You get twice the stadium for twice the $$$$. There was already a ton of push back when it was proposed as a Pan Am facility. What do you think the would have happened if it had been proposed at $250 replacement to a crumbling IWS.
We did not get hosed...we inherited a bothched build process. We got what we and mostly the province paid for.
Remember that $100 million in Regina is being collected from a ticket surcharge. My ST are expensive enough....I go to watch football and the seating and site lines are fabulous. The washroom facilities are fabulous (compared to IWS) and access in and out is great. The rest is fluff to appease those who show up to party (and spend a ton on $9 beer and $7 hotdogs). Whatever it takes to generate revenue for the club. I'm sure the Ticats would want more socializing areas available but they did not fund the building of the stadium.
Please articulate where and how we got hosed. I'm curious as to how you'd get more for the money spent.

you olds sure can't handle folks not sitting in an assigned seat.

it appears to be the biggest complaint from those who have been watching football since 1871.

Yet, many of these same olds comment on how TFC can get crowds....I think if these olds went to a TFC game, they would need to bring their auto - defibrillator. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

we as in taxpayers. Albeit we got what we paid for, howeverf I dont believe we got full value for the 164 m spent. Still issues and I would venture a guess some of that 164 got diverted along the way.

Term Limits

Hamilton taxes did not go up one thin dime to pay for THF, Hamilton's portion ($50M) put into PanAm Stadium came out in cash from the future fund.

And where did this "Future Fund" cash come from?

But the bulk of the funding for THF came from Ontario taxpayers, whether it's Provincial/Federal or local, there is only one taxpayer. Since the provincial operates in a deficit, and they have a $300 Million debt, the government must borrow money to pay for all of it's services and to pay down their annual debt.
City taxes have gone up every year so you can't say that city taxes have not gone up.
The future fund was cash that was made from selling off hydro.
The cash for BMO and the expansion upgrade was almost entirely funded by MLSE, the funding for TD Place was ALL Private - OSEG.
In fact in Ottawa the city is getting revenue in property taxes from all of the condos and businesses etc

But I do get your point, THF was a good deal that didn't cost the city that much money.

Full disclosure - I no longer live in Hamilton, so did not pay any city taxes towards THF, only my share of whatever the province kicked in.

However - we love going to THF, and walking through the residential streets before the game. The "Hamilton Proud" flags on many, even most, houses, the people on their porches, the families (especially the kids) shilling their parking spots, the fans walking through the streets and among the houses on their way to another evening of football. A great feeling and a great vibe.

I have never been to Regina, but hear the atmosphere there is unique. The new stadium looks tremendous, a state of the art facility. But THF is light years ahead of Ivor Wynne and the old Civic Stadium, and Hamilton has no reason to feel anything less than proud of that facility.

Is it kind of like buying a new car? All the features until the new model year, then it seems a little drap and shabby. Remember when the Skydome was new? Been there lately? Be proud of Tim Hortons Field, it is a great spot to watch a game, plus, it is home to the Cats. Who else can make that claim!

Well said, Palmer

As a taxpayer, we got hosed.

As a supporter of the Tiger-Cats, we got hosed.

THF is nice. Other stadia in the league are far superior.

Hosting a Grey Cup soon? No.

I was there for yesterdays game. My opinion, and this is only my opinion, the exterior of the building is ugly. However they did a really nice job landscaping and they have a really cool statue at one corner of the building. They also used the seats from the old stadium as benches outside the new stadium. I thought that was a great idea. Once you get inside, you can see just what a great job they did. The concourse has a lot of food choices, but they neglected to put anywhere so you can stand and eat. The seats, a lot better than the old stadium, but the legroom left a little to be desired. Every seat is green (a whole bunch better than them being blue).

The second tier is set too far back IMO. After talking to some locals, I found out they are not happy that there is no way to put a roof on in the future.

As far as it being below grade level, that was a great idea. The wind outside the stadium was huge, but in the seats, no wind at all.

I walked around the stadium before the game and one thing I noticed, (being a truck driver) the loading docks are horrendous.

Everybody, with the exception of us Ti-Cat fans and maybe a hundred other people, everyone was wearing green. Great people, but nuts.

Is the field visible from the concourse, or no?

Only at the openings to the stairs leading to the seats. So, No.

75% of the 360 degree concourse is open to the field.

Incorrect. Stadium councourse is open fully to the field between the 35 yard lines on both sides as well as the entire north & south endzones.

My wife and I also enjoy the feeling of walking through the streets to the stadium. Seeing the pride in the surrounding neighbourhood really gives you the hometown feel. I remember as a kid, walking down a street or two, then all of a sudden IWS appeared from behind a house. Always seemed a little mystical. I'm sure it feels that way to our son when we bring him with us to THF. Sure the parking situation kind of sucks if you're running a little late, but you forget all about it when you walk up the road, and see flags flying from each and every porch, lawns covered it cars, and streets filled with people walking to the same place. If you can see past the political garbage, and just look at the experience with an open mind, it really is something special, and it would really change the whole feel of the game itself to lose it.