Mosaic Stadium seating...too tight.

As we all know society has gotten bigger over the last 30 years, whether it be obesity, muscle mass or just plain wider in the back end, but yet the spacing of seats at taylor field hasn't changed for, well...i guess since maybe the big reno in 1979. doesn't management think it is time to give us some more room!!

i am only 5'9" 170lbs, not a big guy by todays standards but most of the people around me are big and if not huge. i am always squished in section 26 where my season tickets are. all i ask for is an adjustment for body inflation. maybe take one or two seats out in each row. i know that that will lose some income, but maybe those temps seats can be permanent and make up for the loss.

They won't do it. When you think about it if they remove only 1 seat in every row you're probably eliminating 1,000 seats overall at least, and that's 1,000 seats x 50$ x 9 games plus concessions.

Seems so simple but that's a lot of lost revenue. I do agree with you though, especially when the weather gets colder out, I'm not a huge guy myself and last year for the playoff game I get to my seat and there's basically no seat left :wink:

It would also be nice if everyone had a little respect for the person next to them and didn't try to take up as much space as they possibly can.
This isn't directed at the majority of people out there.

I was in 22 a few games back, and I felt really bad for the guy at the end of the row. A fan, probably 400 plus pounds, sits next to the guy's wife on the inside, basically taking up two full seats. the guys wife is squeezed over, and the guy on the end wound up sitting on the stairs the entire game because the fat guy couldn't move either way. To boot, the fat guy was rather ignornant about it, saying it's not his problem. Uh, yeah, it is! You're that fat, it's not other peoples problem, stay home and watch the game from there until you lose weight. The seating is too tight as is.

My biggest issue there isn't seating, it's stupid people with peanuts. That one drives me nuts. A guy behind my wife dropping shells on her and on the bench beside her. She was getting pissed. I finally picked up a handful and dropped them in his lap. He didn't say crap, he knew how stupid he was being.

Feet on the back of the seats pee me off as well, I mean how stupid can people really, really be?

exactly. i usually have to sit sideways at rider games.

in hamilton they have bench seating in the section i watched the game, but the difference was they have individual backs so no one can put their extra girth on someone's paid property.

I always thought that was a great idea if you want to keep benches, have those grooves for your back.

Maybe it should be like an airplane and fat people have to buy 2 spots,I'm sorry but i pay my thousand for the wife and i to enjoy the game.Lickily there are no fatties in our row .

Actually the rule in Canada for airlines is that they can not charge for an extra seat. This came into effect as of January this year.

If we did make a new stadium it would sure be nice to have individual seats. But you have to build a bigger stadium then to fit the same number of people.

Anyone been to winnipeg to watch a game? Those rows are so close I can't even sit properly as my knees hit the seta in front of me.

individual seats would be PERFECT. probably more tighter than taylor field is the end zone seats in molson stadium in montreal. yikes! they are tight, but yet the regular seats there are super wide, yet you are just sitting on concrete.