Mosaic Stadium expanding by 2000 seats

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The Saskatchewan Roughriders will be offering more seats up for grabs this season.

The 'Riders will add 2,000 temporary seats to Mosaic Stadium for all CFL games because they sold out all 11 home games last season and their last 17 consecutive matches.

"The decision to add the temporary seats for the entire 2009 season was made possible by the amazing season ticket base we have established heading into this season," club president Jim Hopson said in a release.

Props to Rider fans for showing great support to your team.

Is the expansion in the "Can" section or the "Plasticup" section? :wink:

Great to see it.

I look forward to maintaining the sell-outs.

There is something great about going to games that are always sold-out.

Montreal is adding more seats too aren’t they?

Long Live the CFL!!!

Speaking of seats does anyone in Regina know when the decision/ time line on the new stadium will be?

Are these 2000 seats in addition to the temporary seats they added last year or is this just to announce that they will again have temporary seats this season as they did last?

It is just saying that they will have those seats all year this year. Last year we only got those mid season. Labour day I think.

I wonder if the Aerosmith and AC/DC concerts are going to benefit from the extra seats as well.

A silly question, (Maybe Red & White with his contracting background can answer this) Couldn't Taylor field be expanded permanently? I am looking at Drummer's picture. Could both Upper and Lower decks be expanded both Right & Left to replace those smaller seats? Is it to costly for a big project like that.

They wouldn't do that without first ascertaining whether a new stadium project would go forward...

Let’s wait to see how bad SSK is this year and how fast attendance will drop next year.

Good attendance will not be maintained. I don’t understand peoples thoughts when they think that it will last forever. It won’t. It’s a temporary thing while the Roughies have been somewhat successful.

In the past, attendance has gone down when the team has struggled. I expect the same in the upcoming seasons.


This isn't Hamilton we're talking about here, it is Saskatchewan. Remember, that little province that has to bail out the Cats when their fans disappear. When things get tough in Sask. they hold lotteries or whatever is neccessary to raise the required funds. The Cats go crying"fold" to the league and all the teams have to shell out their hard earned revenues to keep the kitties alive.

True. History tells us that when the Riders start losing, the fans don't show up. ... ndance.htm It would be stupid to build a new stadium with more than 30-33 K or to permanently expand taylor field to 30+K, without first seeing if the fans will actually support the team with the same support they've had the past two seasons, after a couple losing seasons in a row.

They will be 0 and 1 to start this year anyway.

...Sporty permanent expansion of Taylor Field seating is certainly possible, but it will always be at the loss of valuable parking around the stadium...TF is bounded on three sides by residential lots and expansion will impact those homes, expropreation (sp?) is probably not an option and I'm sure those homeowners would salivate at the chance to sell their properties to a team that has recently been posting record financial gains...

...that being said though, there was some renderings posted some time ago about a proposed expansion to TF that I thought was spectacular in both it's scope and involved a new second tier on the east side and seating extensions for all four corners if I recall correctly...

...joedavtav is entirely correct though that no permanent expansion wil occur until the question of a whether a new stadim is warranted or not is answered....

While attendance wise may have to wait and see if it is warranted, I think safety wise is what is being considered more than anything by the government rite now. The place is a little long in the tooth, and during some of the rainy games, you are better off in your seat, as the concourse pours the rain through the cracks harder than anything mother nature can throw at you. I think that is the biggest concern of new stadium proponents rite now. But since a new stadium has zero chance of being an open air stadium, the cost of a dome may be a little much, so renoing may be the only option, at which time they could also expand, with an upper deck, as you guys are pointing out.

Actually, thanks for the numbers. About the 90th time someone has quoted them and they still prove (just as they always have) how phenomenal the support the Riders get is–WIN or LOSE!! Nobody can look at the numbers for attendance and determine much about the teams record, but they can certainly tell how consistently strong the support is. Given the record of the team over the time period in question --including a league record 11 years out of the play-offs-- any attempt to interpret the numbers as proof of your comment (and others) that

History tells us that when the Riders start losing, the fans don’t show up

is just a pathetic attempt tp turn this thread into more Rider bashing. The current support is as strong as it it is not just because of the on-field product, but also due to the strength of the economy. Plus the renewed vigour of the entire league has helped the Rider attendance. It is unlikely we need a stadium beyond 35000 in capacity. Just not even remotely for the reasons you suggest. Simply put, in a city of 200,000, seating for 35,000 will be enough.

Expropriation is an option. In fact any expansion on the East side--an upper deck--will require expropriation. The cost of expropriation is likely a relatively small amount when compared to the predicted 100-150 million any major refurbishment/expansion will cost. Such an expansion actually would have very little impact on parking. In fact, just expropriate a handful of extra houses and parking can actually be increased.

But refurbishment is not my preference--nor the Mayor's, and I believe the Premier favours new as well. Spending 100-150 million and still having an old worn out stadium makes little sense. A new 35,000 seat stadium, hopefully with a retractable dome is the way to go. I favour right beside the current stadium, which may also require some expropriation. It is the opportunity of a generation/lifetime to create a legacy of excellence and development in the core area of the city that hopefully will not be missed.

By the sounds of it, the Riders are going to be getting a brand new 38,000 seat retractable roof stadium. Stay tuned. I think there's supposed to be an announcement in May or June.

It's not nice to get ol' dmont's hopes up. I'll believe it when I see it in the press!

Don't forget Saskatchewan is now a "have province" and I suspect their positive politicians will make this happen.
Good for them.