Morrow helps Riders capture 'gritty' Week 2 win

EDMONTON — Saskatchewan running back, Jamal Morrow made his impact felt in a big way for the Roughriders in their 26-16 Week 2 win over the Edmonton Elks.

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Great game by the riders… next team up vs the Elk will be losing to an ever improving team

I don't think the Stamps will lose to the Elks but it will be close

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I have only bet on sports twice in the last 45 years… nut i will take this bet… will let you know where to send my winning shot of Scotch… and i require 3 points

Why do you require 3 points????? You flat out stated whoever plays Elks next loses to them, just a couple post above.

Riders lack of depth is going to be a problem. They seem to be hoping for the best and not prepared for the worst. Could be a good time to bet on Montreal.

Does not look like Dan Clark will be ready anytime soon. Rookie center will not help. Evans and Fajardo both also nicked up and could have been worse.

Na'ty Rogers had a tough game. Mitch Picton rocks. Did not notice Duke Williams being missed.

Did not notice Duke being missed? Were you watching the game? And I love how the riders have a lack of depth yet have Moncrief ejected and the linebacking core didn't miss a beat.

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Fajardo was 20 of 26 to six different receivers. Nice also that they found a ground game to stop C.F. from running so much.

Honestly I think Duke Williams has been a distraction so far but his time to shine will be the playoffs so until then he gets a pass.

Duke is significantly better at the +30 yard catches being so tall and having (usually) quite a bit of upper body strength on secondary he can go up for the long passes better. Shaq and Picton are your intermediate 10-20 yard receivers who can make a lot of defenders miss in space and get lots of great YAC yards. Not having Duke as that deep threat allows the defense to bunch more in the 10-20 yard giving CF way less options. Emilus and Shafer might become the secondary deep threat as the season progresses but not there yet. Also having the deep threat will mean you have linebackers often dropping back into coverage which allows Cody to run more.

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The point is no matter what there are those who will always just have to post crap about teams just to post crap. Do yoi really think that poster thinks Duke or ANY Rider for that matter has any talent. He is only here the way he does for effect

Oh I have more respect for idiots who at least know the game...when they are dumb and don't know the game they need to be put in their place

You were bang on Ourballsarebigger. You hit it square in the nuts. Their next game against the Pussies will be an even bigger testes. :smiley: :+1: