Morris: The thrill of the playoff chase

As the regular season enters its final stretch and the jostling for playoff positioning continues, Calgary Stampeders wide receiver Reggie Begelton sees advantages in being the team that is chasing instead of being the one chased.

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"A team that locks up a CFL playoff spot too early can sometimes relax and drop its guard, said the Calgary receiver.

“I’d rather be a team that’s right above .500 and always have to fight, like in a boxing match, versus a team that is undefeated and never really had that adversity when it comes to playoffs,” said Begelton."

While there's some truth to that, it didn't seem to affect the Bombers too much last year, after putting in most of their backups for the final two regular season games.

Actually I think there is no truth to that. Begelton is just putting as positive a spin on the fact the Stamps won’t finish better than second. I don’t blame him for that and probably most in his situation would do the same

There is no way that anyone would prefer to be on a team “right above .500” than on the first place team that only has to win one game at home to get to the big game plus enjoy an extra bye week for injuries to heal. Finishing first doesn’t guarantee a Grey Cup but it sure helps.


Begelton had a few catches against the worst team in the league
Other than that he’s done nothing

It sure has been true for the Stamps. Three straight years the top team in the CFL (2016, 2017 and 2018) and three straight trips to the Grey Cup and one win to show for it. As far as Begelton doing nothing this year? A receiver can't have much impact when he isn't getting the ball. Begelton is far and away one of the best receivers in the CFL. Any CFL fan knows that.

As a Blue Bombers fan I'd agree with Begelton being one of the elite receivers in the league. Circumstances often decide who gets the ball.
And, certainly not having anything to play for, can sometimes hurt a team in the playoffs as they often aren't as battle tested as those fighting for a playoff spot to the end, however, I believe that is where great coaching can help and believe that O'Shea and staff may be the very best at keeping their players focused. Still no guarantee but does help :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree OShea and staff do a great job with the Bombers. It doesn't hurt to have players like Bighill, Jefferson and Jeffcoat that bring it every game. The other players feed off that.