Morris: Pipkin leading young pride of BC QBs

During a break in a BC Lions practice this week some of the players took drinks of water while others stood in groups chatting.

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On paper this looks really good for the Lions, 2 promising young Canadians with an experienced vet in reserve who can both mentor & play if needed. Pipkin is being a consummate professional, saying & doing all the right things. I would ,however, feel better about this if Pipkin was on the other side of 30yo. At 26 he must feel he can do more than mentor. I know I would in his shoes.

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I hear what you are saying Mr Pine and he is still young with 5 years of cfl experience but there is no way the coaches are gonna let him come in and cause problems in our QB room… it’s all good.

I also heard they have to open the upper deck at bc place for the season opener :sunglasses:


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