Morris: Michael Reilly leaves lasting impression on CFL

Back in 2010 when the BC Lions were first considering signing a young quarterback prospect named Michael Reilly, the team received some advice from people in the NFL.

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"One quarterback already available is Trevor Harris, who recently was released by the Montreal Alouettes after being obtained in a trade from Edmonton in October. Potential free agents include Hamilton’s Jeremiah Masoli and Toronto’s McLeod Bethel-Thompson."

Would any of these guys want to back-up Rourke? All 3 have been starters. Training camp is going to be interesting next spring, no matter who is competing for that job.

Wow, that's an awesome group of backup QB's. Would be happy with any of those guys backing up Collaros in Winnerpeg.
We need to wait until the last one standing gets dumped in the K-Mart discount bin. I'm willing to direct deposit all my Canadian tire money to the eventual new Winnipeg backup QB's bank account.

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I'm glad to see the confidence Campbell has in Rourke, I'm really pulling for the hometown guy, but it might deter a veteran from coming to town. Personally I'd like to see Masoli & Rourke battle it out for #1 here. The QB situation overall right now is a dogs breakfast. Edmonton, Ottawa, BC, TO, all somewhat up in the air about next years starting QB, & if we start talking back-ups throw in all the rest of the teams. We'd be here all day. I'll leave the Canadian Tire specials to Winnipeg, that's probably all they can afford after all their recent signings. They must have blown their budget by now.


Our budget is mostly gone, but we have a large supply of leftover peanut base Halloween treats that never got distributed in 2021, thankfully we kept them in a cool dry area just for an occasion such as this.
Now we need to figure out which QB has a chocolate fetish.


I don't think Andrew Harris will be happy with peanuts, with or without chocolate.

Clever, I never said anything about Andrew Harris, he is a richest dude, we will bribe him with chocolate covered almonds.

Canadian tire money for used QB's

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