Morris: Lions will have many options for a GM hire

The BC Lions won’t need to look any further than their own front office to fill the vacancy created by the sudden departure of general manager Ed Hervey.

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I do look forward to the day that Travis Lulay joins the Lions in a front office position.

Or he may show up on TSN panel for that matter.

I'm actually surprised he departed the office earlier this year; I too think he'll be back with either a team or with a broadcaster.

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i don't think he departed the f.o. He retired as a player is all....never had a f.o. job

He actually did some work on the partnerships side of the BC Lions office before he departed "for good" in May. In fact I had a quick chat with him there while I was visiting in December 2019. :slight_smile:

The uncertainty of a season played a factor in his decision.

Oh I must've missed that. Thanks