Morris: Lions try to look ahead after missing playoffs

Bryan Burnham was succinct and brutally honest when evaluating the BC Lions season.

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Reilly, top paid player in the CFL and he is not around for media availability at the end of the year with his team mates? Really! Hey, I put family over work to, but, Dude, CLASSLESS! You are the face of the franchise. That says it all. "Comon man" !!!

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Probably too sore from all the sacks. I don't think Rourke is big enough to last long with BC either. Hope o-line improves next year. Or maybe it's the OC's fault. Not sure.

Reilly hasn't done anything since 2015, 2016,

The two biggest questions facing the B.C. Lions this off season are-Will coach Rick Campbell return and will Mike Reilly be back for season 12 in the 2022 season :question: