Morris: Kid Canada's final farewell

Nathan Rourke says the two years he spent in the CFL as a quarterback with the BC Lions made it possible for him to pursue his dream of playing in the NFL.

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Really hope he makes it.

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CFL - stop with the phoney accolades - Rourke wasn't around long enough to break any records or have that much (if any ) influence on our game. The guy is simply going to where he can get more money - so please let's stop the nonsense and talk more about who is staying and making our league better.

Come on Fox1… he took over from Mike after his retirement and everyone said “are you sure he’s ready”. Lions said yes he is and he set new records for a Canadian QB and then reset them a couple times in his 8 and 1 start to the season. Yes the Lions built a great team around him but he was made for the CFL game. He played high school ball in the US and always wanted the NFL fame and money. He re-energized football in B.C. and Lions fans will never forget him for it. Now he will be a backup and I may never see him play ball again but that’s OK. The CFL will move on and we will still have great ball… better game… to watch.

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Lion-king - I think you may have misunderstood my meaning. I never said Rourke wasn't a good QB, but I don't believe he has been around long enough to get the kind of praise he is receiving. Yes he had a good season with a high passing per centage and threw for the most yards in one game - but many other players had just as much impact for their teams - Collaros, Thompson, Lewis, etc.... The only reason Rourke is getting this lofty praise is because he has a contract now with an NFL team - like so what? Would it make anyone feel better if I said Yahoo for him? The point is - he is now gone - wish him well and leave it at that, All this "Kid Canada" is a joke and makes the CFL look bush league - he obviously doesn't feel a tie to this country or to our game - so forget him and let's move forward - the CFL has a new season to look forward to and that is more important anyone leaving.

I have no idea what you do for a living but if you could go elsewhere for 20 tims the cash and with the opportunity to make millions ... Pretty much a given you would not feel bad about leaving Canada

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It is totally his choice - be The Guy in the CFL (Fame) or rake in lots of money and sit on the bench most times in the NFL (Money).
His choice - yes this is a Tough One.
Depends on what makes him click. Not gonna judge.

the way you wrote your post was judgment.
No kid going to the USA to play football at the level of college does not have aspirations for the NFL. Be it fame or $$$ or both. Nathan has the talent to possibly make it south of the border. Only a fool would not take that opportunity. Only bigger fools would diss him for it.
He is getting 1.5 million (Canadian) Plus a hefty housing allowance. Zero income tax in Florida. His salary would have been a mere 70 grand in BC unless i am incorrect on that number, for the 2023 season then he would have been a free agent and most likely been worth 200 hundred thousand or there abouts. Possibly a tad more but nowhere near what he just signed for. What would you do.
Not to mention the fact that holding the clip board is not just holding the clipboard in the nfl...they do not pay more thana million dollars Canadian per season for three years for someone to hold frigging clipboard as publicity stunt. They obviously see great potential in this quarterback.
They certainly do not see him as some cannon fodder to throw footballs in practices.


Some believe that Rourke's ambition to make as much as he can is something that I am opposed to - not so! My beef is not with Rourke and his decision - it is with how we as fans of the CFL and how the CFL organization is constantly undermining our own game by thinking that making it to the NFL is like going to heaven - sorry I disagree. The NFL pays more - that's it and there is nothing wrong with wanting to make more $$ - but please don't degrade our game and players because they play in Canada. The Canadian game on its own is the better game and our players are just as good - sadly the money here is not. As far as Rourke goes, we'll see him back in BC within two years.

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i do not see anywhere in this thread where CFL players or the CFL game have been “degraded” in any way whatsoever. nor does Rourke following his dreams and signing with the Jaguars “degrade” the CFL. i am very confused how you have construed an exceptional young canadian quarterback signing with the NFL or even the media coverage of such to be any way degrading or even negative to the CFL, other than the fact we are losing an exciting and amazing talent.

you sound like you are envious and just looking for somewhere or someone to direct your negative sentiments over Rourke’s NFL signing at.

it’s amazing to me that some people have somehow twisted this outstanding player’s journey to the NFL via the CFL as something negative.


GridironGirl - It hasn't been until this topic did I realize that people really don't read the comments of others accurately nor do they try to understand them. Throughout my comments I tried to emphasize that it was the ARTICLE and how some the comments supported the notion that it was some kind of promotion that "KID CANADA" has received by going to the NFL. The nature and the attitude of the article and by some readers fed into the concept that Rourke was too good to stay here. I very much disagree with that negative attitude towards the CFL. So do you get it now? It is not Rourke going to the NFL that bothers me - it is the groveling and all the oohing and awing that some readers and some so-called fans do that I find ridiculous and so negative towards our game. I hope that my explanation has satisfied you. The only true kid involved in this article are some of the people who read it and believe it.