Morris: Joining Elks a 'no-brainer' for Geroy Simon

As a player Geroy Simon was able to make the impossible look easy.

The lanky slotback was able to find the open spot on the field to haul in the big catch when needed. Over 15 seasons, mostly with the BC Lions, Simon established himself as one of the best receivers in CFL history.

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Learn fast Geroy, Jones could bail at any second. Oh, and the plural of Elk. If they insist on keeping the EE logo how about the Edmonton Eggs? Just as lame but at least an actual plural.

I'm still going to call a group of Elks a 'Lame'.

Always look on the bright side of life Montypython. If Jones bails after two or three years 'Geroy the assistant GM' becomes 'Geroy the GM'.


Simon seems to be a nomad

Definition of Nomad - Merriam/Webster dictionary:

  1. a person(s) who roams about from place to place aimlessly, frequently, or without a fixed pattern of movement
  2. a person who does not stay long in the same place; a wanderer.

Quote from article 'Geroy Simon Joins Edmonton Elks As Assistant GM' (Dec. 28):

"A native of Johnstown, Penn., Simon joins the Double E after spending the past seven seasons as part of the BC Lions front office, most recently as Director for Global Scouting and US Regional Scout."

Looks like another 'swing and a miss!' - -


That would make Corey Mace a nomad too. Just signed as DC with Argos after 4 seasons with the Stamps. Geez, guys like Mace & Simon - you would think they could spend some time in one place. All kidding aside, good hire by the Argos. I thought Glen Young was on leave as DC from the Argos. I guess that's changed.


Thank you for the definition and hence reinforcing my point.....BC, Sask, back to BC now Edm...........

Saying Elks never sounds right. It's like saying mooses or gooses, but that's the least of their problems.

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So, Porky, you like mooses better than moose, sheeps better than sheep, salmons better than salmon, the latter of which are all common plural versions of the words. The deers sound so much better than the deer although that could be mistaken for a gaggle of "dears". Oh deer, this is all so confusing. Let's debate this to death. Why aren't Reginans called Reginonions or Regineggers or Reginites? Why is it Lake Superior not Superior Lake, Wascana Lake not Lake Wascana. Let's get this fixed.

Oops, Porky, you're on the Elk side. Well I feel better. I'm with YOU on this debate.

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Your first response had me going 'huh?' but I'm glad we're on the same page. Not that anyone is going to listen to us, I guess Elks it is. My own choice was Edmonton Inuit,(provided continuity & still rolled off the tongue nicely) but they just had to keep the EE logo I guess. After 60+ years of saying elk, elks just sounds like bad english.

Actually I thought of using Inuit as an example before leaving it at animal names. It is the Inuit, not the Inuits, far as I know. I think renaming them that way wouldn't get around the cultural appropriation, namely adopting the name of another culture.

You're probably right. The 'political correctness' going on these days has people nervous. We may never see a team named after a people again. No more Canucks, Canadiens, 49'ers, Cowboys, Saints(???!), etc. But I agree the Eskimo name had to go sooner or later. I grew up with Negro as an acceptable name, one that has since gone the way of Eskimo in that it is slowly being mildly offensive. I asked a black coworker if Negro was offensive to him he hummed & hawed before saying yes. So times change & we have to as well. But Elks--yeesh.

Geroy Simon began his post player career in Saskatchewan in 2014, then moved to BC in 2015, and spent the following 7 seasons with the Lions - hence NOT a Nomad. Perhaps you need to re-read the definition - Sorry - still a 'swing and a miss' - -

LOL have a great New Year's sir

LOL You too sir :sunglasses:

What the Article title is saying "Joining Esks a no-brainer for Geroy Simon" really means that Geroy was out of his mind to join the ESKs under Jones!