Morris: Harris joins Als looking to help them win

The right instincts are as important as a strong arm when it comes to a quarterback’s survival. A good quarterback knows which receiver will be open on a certain route, senses when to scramble because the pocket is about to collapse, feels the threat from his blindside.

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“I know Trevor, you know? You hit him one time, he starts folding,” Sewell told reporters.

Harris will probably tell Sewell the same thing Collaros probably told Bighill:

"I'm glad you're on MY side now." :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Problem is Trevor, your 100% just isn't good enough for a starting QB in the CFL (or any other league)You do not function well under pressure, you do fold like a cheap suit when there is contact and you have nevver won anything worth speaking of. Yes, you may have started the Grey Cup game for Ottawa, but you did not win it. Play out your present contract and go home.

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He needs a really good offensive line to 'function well'. I'll bet Montreal tries to pawn him off on either Winnipeg or Toronto when they figure this out.

Toronto may not want him this year. Winnipeg on the other hand would love to have a backup with Harris' experience. :grin:


I don't have any stats on this but it feels like he is good until he gets to the opponents 30 and then turns into a liability. Actual, that would be interesting to see. Completion percent and yardage at different zones on the field. Fajardo seems to be another one who struggles inside the other teams 30.

Good Luck Trevor Harris.

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Any player can flourish in the right system. At worse Als have an experienced QB with CFL game time. That is a plus. :taxi:


I totally agree. That's why Harris did well in Winnipeg. :smiley: :+1:

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I admire Trevor Harris and his down to earth professional approach to the life of a football player. The Quarterback position is not for the faint of heart. I hope Trevor is able to play as a starter for the next five years. He is in excellent physical condition and the power of positive thinking works in any field. Best of luck with your 4th CFL team-Als. :rainbow: :football: :canada:


Actually his 4th team, Ace. Tor, Ott. Edm, Mont.

Yeah. Absolutely correct. Harris led 6 TD drives in his 6 games. Fajardo in 6 of his last 7 games led 5 TD drives. Both have struggled.

My two cents on TH.....As a man I find him well spoken, humble, and always said the right things, I respect him for that. As far as him as a QB....I believe him to be a very solid QB, however that is based on potential to a large degree. At times he has shown to be outstanding, and at other times it was hard to understand what was wrong. In Edmonton I truly thought he showed far more good than bad and certainly under the current coach and system it just did not work. I do not understand , given the roster, why things failed, but if I have to lean in a direction to establish my given assumption as to why it failed, I blame the system and coach who's system TH was attempting to run. Wish him well, classy guy...

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