Morris: CFL officials gear up after long layoff

After spending the last 18 months on the front lines of the COVID-19 battle, CFL official Ben Major is thrilled about returning to the football field.

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I wish them all the best but again an older group & no diversity (women or black officials). Status Quo when will it stop?

Scary to think that Andre' Proulx could have two years to get even worse, Bradbury too.

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[/quote] We want the best officials not just because officials to keep the "woke" crowd happy.

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I understand the present movement is all about inclusion of women and minorities. However, being an official is a very difficult and trying job. Not all can handle the time off their regular job, the mental & emotional pressure of the task, the physcally demanding condition and the ability to withstand constant criticism no matter how perfect the job was done but still remain calm, professional and decisive.
I feel certain that if those groups have reps that are interested and talented enough the CFL would welcome them and ensure the get the expert extra training to do the job, But first they need to take on the job in minor leagues to display their talent and dedication.
When have you seen an official get recognizition for the job they just did during a game (not counting their own group). Then answer the question "when hasn't there been someone (mostly Fans from either or both sides) who didn't criticise those same officials after a game"?

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Sorry but this is a lame excuse they’re so
many in the amateur & school programs in Canada but the CFL doesn’t seek them instead they wait to ge approached plus it’s not clear what rules you need to follow for qualifying…..THAT’S THE PROBLEM

If you're watching tonight, you will see Georgina Paull as a Side Judge.